31 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #21 – Worldwake Spoilers, Vol. I”

  1. Jace, a good manland, and a broken ambitions variant that can hose cascade. Blue already has more from this set than it did in the entire last set.

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  3. This guy Tristan is great. Easy to listen to and actually offers good insight to the game. Great job!

  4. Wow, PW with 4 abilities!

    Though I personally think Vamps better get some amazing treatment in WW and RoE. Kalitas is virtually unplayable and Sorin is a bit out of curve with a generally useless 2nd ability (imo).

    The sight of the new Jace is definitely exciting though.

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  6. Should have all 3 of them around a table chatsin, they’re all good in their own way. Ochoa is kinda poor :/

  7. The thing is, LSV has a very low-key personality so he seems to gel better with another mellow guy. Mashi is more outspoken and ‘aggressive’ in his show style, which can seem to trample LSV, but only because he is so darn low key. This guy is nice change for now, at least.

  8. @all: There are already a few articles/videos from Tristan Gregson about cubing on this site, so he is not “the new guy”, but has only taken a bit of a break the last months.

  9. Nothing against the other TV-show hosts we’ve had, but Tristan is great!

    Definately keep him on. He was insightful, had easy questions that allowed LSV to make his points, didn’t do any low blows (what was up with that anyway?) and seemed like an all-around super nice guy.

    Great job Tristan!

  10. i agree wholeheartedly with the other posters, tristan was really easy to listen to, and offered really good points on all the subjects noted. looking forward to seeing him on the show more often

  11. Great show guys.

    Tristan’s the best co-host so far, imo. Good in front of the camera, and you guys have a good rapport. Keep ’em coming!

  12. The “low blows” were just good ol fashioned ribbing between friends. Can we have a m-tv show about cubing? 🙂

  13. great host pairing, easy to absorb what he’s saying and the points he’s making, keep the guy on. mind sculptor looks insane.

  14. I liked mashi on the show a lot. The banter and dynamic was fun. Tristan gets along with lsv better, but watching lsv squirm every once in a while was good television.

  15. Given that Jace’s 0 ability is actually draw 3 cards, could Runeflare Trap see some play to get in large amounts of cheap damage? It’s situational, sure, but damn it hurts.

  16. I think the chemistry between LSV and Tristan is good. Though, could you guys raise the camera or something. I’m tired of having your crotch in the center of the screen.

  17. Even ignoring the fact that the Brainstorm ability only actually increases the player’s hand size by one card and not three, Runeflare Trap is still complete garbage.

  18. @Cody

    It’s because it triggers the trap cost, not because it adds cards to the opponent’s hand.

  19. Mashi and tristan are both great. Just a different style.
    Ochoa doens’t have enough charisma, is boring but is a hell of a Magic player.
    So it depends what’s better for the show. A good host with charisma or a discussion between 2 pros…

  20. @ Cody: you still draw 3 cards which is all that matters.
    Runeflare trap doesn´t care if you have to put cards back on your library after.

  21. i just pre-ordered a box of world-wake. i really hope i pull a jace, cause it’s going right in my mono blue edh deck

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