Magic TV: Show #20 – Extended Metagame

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David Ochoa sits down with Luis Scott-Vargas in the twentieth episode of the “Magic TV” weekly series. They rate the top decks in Extended: All-in Red, Hypergenesis, Big Zoo, Little Zoo, Thopter Foundry, Dark Depths and Dredge.

19 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #20 – Extended Metagame”

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  2. How about some match-up videos? I’d love to see some matches with the Thopter-Combo/Gifts control deck 😀

  3. What’s the point of even giving the decks ratings if you’re just going to rate them all the same? “Prolly a six.” “I don’t know, five or a six.”

  4. I’m a fan of Thopters and of the Control side of the Genesis Project which would be Restore Balance. I’d like to see that do well.

  5. @ Thallid, it’s not like they can give a definitive rating. Each deck’s performance (rating) is based off the expected metagame. Nothing is really set in stone, since there are so many variables in Extended. At the end of the video, they also said that every deck was “good,” and that preparation was very important in a given deck’s success.

  6. If they consider every deck good, why didn’t any get above a 6? A 6/10 is 60%. Which, if you were on a grading scale, is a D- or an F. The only thing the ratings told us, really, was that they consider Dark Depths the worst deck of the lot. I mean, obviously this is not some gigantic breakdown of the Metagame or anything. Just seemed really nonchalant and…honestly kind of pointless.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s here and everything, ya know? I can’t complain, really. Just an outside observation. Both Zoo, Thopter & Dredge all got a six, which I reckon means “you can play this deck and have a chance.” Yet AIR, Depths & HyperGen got less, which to me means “less consistent” or “loses to the sixes.” I just started on Extended myself but even my limited knowledge so far myself I could have said “hey, the decks from the last season are still all OK.” That’s pretty much what this was but it took them ten minutes to get there.

  7. @Thallid: it was 6/8 not 6/10, while Dredge’s rating depends on the current amount of sideboard hate, making it anything between 4 (8slots) and 7 (0-2).

    Even if the decks are all pretty close, people just love to hear a strong opinion, to break the whole video down to a single statement, like this is best deck in the format, or these 2 decks got the best possible rating.

  8. It’s 1 to 8, Thallid.

    And no deck is dominating the format, which would be required for it to be an ‘Ochoa’ (8, or so I assume).

    Anyway, fun vid. Ochoa is getting better and better at talking freely in front of the camera 🙂

  9. @Nuno, no it’s not possible. They mentioned scapeshift. True, it was just in passing, to say it wasn’t a real deck, but they DID mention it. (that’s what a “mention” is).

  10. Thallid – the ratings are more generalities. Mainly its for explaining the basics of the format to someone new to it. If you aren’t paying attnetion to extended, and watch this you have a little bit about each of the major decks.

    On Bant I’ve been playing it recently and doing well. On the bright side with the deck between counters, mages and pressure you can defeat just about any combo deck with realative ease. I’m still getting a feel for Zoo, but it feels like you’re the dog there, at least for game 1. The more controling versions of Thropter can also be issues as you lack the blazing speed of Zoo, the I Win of combo or any huge trumphs without side.

    My view on it is that the more combo you expect, the better it is. it is a very reasonable deck though regardless and can definitely hold its own.

  11. Fairies is basically considered worse than gifts, and scapeshift, atleast the ones focused on comboing off asap is considered slower than both All-in red and Hypergenesis thus there is no need to mention them since there are better alternatives in the metagame.
    I would like to hear what they think of the Scapeshift deck Ben Stark played which was basically a U/G control deck that tried to win as soon as it got to 7 mana making it more of a gifts type of deck only capable of winning much much faster than a regular gifts deck.

  12. Where is Mashi? Webster has zero charisma and is boring to watch. So it’s LSV and a shop window dummy discussing Extended. Mashi brings a lot to the show and I’m sad that he’s being cut in favour of a guy who comes across as having no personality.

  13. @Penguin
    They are discussing a meta breakdown and both parties need to have legitimate experience to fuel the discussion. Mashi is not a pro player thus he has nothing in this sort of discussion to do.
    If you want to see Mashi just wait for a regular Magic Show episode that doesnt focus 100% on serious tournaments.

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