19 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #17 – Worlds Preview”

  1. You guys are slaying every other MTG website. All of your videos are great and the articles are top notch. Keep on keepin on CF crew.

    Also, the Chapin jab was the best.

  2. I think you guys should advertise the next 5K through Magic TV early on. It’d get a load of views and more awareness.

  3. Hey now, I didn’t mean it as a jab to chapin, just that he has done a very good job of associating the word “innovation” with his name. I mean, as soon as mashi said it, the first thing i thought of was pat, so i figured I would mention it.

  4. A well timed jab at LSV’s “misses” as of late is fine, but every second sentence is Mashi busting his balls. It’s starting to get a little old and very annoying.

    In comedy timing is everything and repetition is the lowest form.

    I do still enjoy the videos so thanks for them.

  5. Chapin may be the innovator, but his grammar is about terrible! NLM was a great read, but I had to read it twice to actually understand what he was trying to say rather than what he actually said. I really appreciate how well edited most of the articles are on this sight, and I know editing is a daunting task.

    Great video, and please feel free to jab at Chapin! It could do some really good things for his ego.

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  7. I said early on in these that insulting each other is what makes it fun, and week after week you’ve been stepping up with that. Keep it up!

  8. It is a good thing lsv is so good natured, because the constancy of Mashi’s jabs is pretty high. I know I probably would have punched him in the face by now, or at least called him out on his PT “performances.”

  9. I would love to see an LSV’s revenge show where he just gives it to Mashi non-stop and he just takes it.

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