19 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #16 – PT Austin Recap”

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  3. Really sucks that you guys removed the red/green arrows indicating which cards have gone up in value which have gone down. This stock ticker is a big part of why I watch these videos…which is a big part of why I visit this site…which is a big part of why I buy from this site.

  4. Well, LSV is assumes what he has observed is wisdom, and at times it is. However, Mashi has a less structured view of what is good in magic; that doesn’t mean it’s better just his perspective leads to disagreements and Mashi don’t just yield to LSV.

  5. “Was it snowing indoors?”
    I guess somebody was building his vampire deck somewhere.
    *sparkle* *sparkle*

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  7. very nice show

    you should have talked bout the angel of despair missed trigger that won kibler the match in the quarterfinals…kibler doesnt deserve the win in my opinion.

    insane that not a single person around caught the missed trigger

  8. I would bet that Kibler saw it and kept quiet.
    I would also bet that he is smart enough to keep quiet about it still. 🙂

  9. One might argue that if his opponent missed the trigger on his own card, he doesn’t deserve the win either ; )

  10. If you talk to Kibler about it, one of the things he says is what is he supposed to do, lean across the table and double check whether its a mandatory trigger? It either is or it isn’t, I think he had a good idea but if your opponent doesn’t use a trigger I suppose its reasonable to not lean across to double check and in turn remind your opponent to use his “may” trigger what are those judges for anyway? If the table judges aren’t saying anything about it I think it’s reasonable for Kibler to think “well hell, maybe it is a ‘may’.”

  11. Kibler has already admitted in at least one interview that he thought it was a may effect, but wasn’t sure and wasn’t about to double check to remind his opponent.

    He played well and he won the $$, congratz to him but to alot of us he’s shady all around.

    On the VS circuit he was known to “talk down” opponents with sketchy behaviour to get his wins (i.e. opp wants to unsummon a guy w/ another dude-recruit on the stack-chain, kibler starts talking ends up w the guy in play before the unsummon fires, gets the win etc etc).


    There’s a fine line between completely integral player and other people, like Kibler. For me, I’d bet good money quite a few well known pro’s who are real stand up guys would have at least double checked to make sure the trigger was may, and said something… I’d name David Brucker, Michael Turian, Andrew Cuneo, possibly Kai and maybe even Jon…

    (Cuneo did stuff like let an opponent take back a tap on a token that was already tapped b/c it was bead counter token thus hard to tell it was tapped already… at the master’s series… for alot of $$$$$$$$$$. That’s integrity, folks).

  12. dowjonzechemical

    @ Kevin

    try quietspeculation.com or blacklotusproject.com

    then you can watch MTG tickers to your heart’s content, and don’t have to watch their tickers, which only relate to their store. Alhtough, if you are watching to see CFB prices, good on ya, mate!

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