18 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #15 – PT Austin Preview”

  1. Seems like Dark Depths had it’s cult following for a while. Now its kind of a big deal.

    Better luck next time LSV. I really enjoy seeing you in Top 8s.

  2. Any decks that people were surprised to see in Austin? Like the Thopter Foundry / Sword of the Meek or Punishing Fire / Grove of the Burnwillows packages.

    Dark Depths up to 40$… woah. Not a lot of Coldsnap was opened, but as expensive as the goyf?! OK, it’ll probably drop down again when the hype around the deck dies out. It’s not like the combo can’t be beaten – like that Zoo deck in the top 8 that’s running Spectral Procession. Those 1/1 flying dudes make fine chump blockers 🙂

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  4. So ummm… Why is mindshatter constantly on the top 25 movers? 35 cents? honestly? That must be a joke….

  5. Looks like R&D has not done its job properly. Dark Depths/Hexmage is simply ridiculous. Getting a 20/20 flying indestructible turn 2 or 3 sounds just unfair and unbalanced. Only 2 cards needed/ and in only 1 color ?
    I mean, Hell ! people were freaking out about cards like disciple of the vault or Aether Vial ! ..Garbage compared to that combo !
    I don’t wanna play the next 5 years of extended with that threat .. Dark Depths needs to be banned.
    Hypergenesis is annoying as well .Like LSV’s saying, it’s like playing Yahtzee.
    Even the thoctar/sword of the meek combo is ridiculously powerful …
    Anyone else has the feeling that R&D is not testing extended enough ?

  6. @Tristan

    Depths/Hexmage does not seem like that big of a problem. There were roughly twice as many people playing zoo as there were Depths at Austin, but depths only got 1 top8 versus zoo’s 4 top8s. Compare this to elves at Berlin last year where 6 of the top8 were elves, and even that deck got hated out as the season progressed. R&D seems to be testing just fine, the extended metagame looks really diverse and balanced.

  7. @LSV:

    Your farmer’s tan is as bad as mine is. Luckily, I live in Michigan so it isn’t year round.

    Keith “MckHick” McKimmy

  8. well after watching it, the hype of dark depths probably wasn’t warrented. its an ok combo deck, but zoo did what it does.

    what i’m surprised more people didn’t pick up on was punishing fire and burnwillows. that is probably by far the best micro-combo i saw. won kibler quite a few games.

    i noticed the combo with it, but i didn’t think it was gonna be THAT POWERFUL. -_-

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  10. the dark depths combo is not going to get banned . its cool but beatable . so don’t get mad a r and d for this. you still have to attack for the win and you don’t win instantly , so you have a chance .

  11. Actually, I don’t think elves slowed down that much. It might be a tad more inconsitent to get started, but once you ARE started you will not lose. 4 creatures and you can go infinite with one of three different cards. Sounds good to me. Plus with 8 maindeck G/W producing lands and path in the board dark depths is removable as well. Overall it is a very strong deck right now, and it can fight through a challice post-board pretty easy now 😉

  12. Even though I liked your build of the Depths deck, I dont think Depths was the deck choice to take to this PT. While you were tooled for the mirror there is just simply too much removal within the environement, and Zoo runs a bunch of it, that takes care of the token. I think you mention that its a deck that people want to build but doesnt mean the deck is any good. As we can see it was played heavily at the PT and survived on numbers alone for the most part.

    I wonder if your desire to not play a particular deck is really driving your recent results. I think a serious look at “average case” would have been in order for this deck.

    I agree with draw5 the combo itself is beatable and its appearance should fall off in the future because as can be seen its after all is said and done simply path and or purge bait and not a trick that can be offered up again and again. Not to mention various other ways to deal with the token.

  13. Ghost Quarter is going to be worth money. How many nonbasic lands are running all of these combo decks, even Grove of the Burnwillows.

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