9 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #14 – GP Melbourne Zendikar”

  1. Nice show. I like how the format is set up now: casual conversation without the gimmicks.

    Thanks for putting it together, and keep it up.

  2. Nice overview in a relaxed atmosphere.
    Man, I wished we had such tourneys (SS 10$ 2k) here in Europa. 6 boosters would cost me >30$ at my local store atm, because of product shortage outside the States.

    @LSV: Too bad, that the second quarter of the tourney didn’t turn out to well for you, I really liked your deck list (UB Hexmage Depths , featured from the Coverage Team here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPmDUYqS0m8) .

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  4. Dudes, your chairs are too close. You are literally knocking knees. There’s room in the frame to spread out a little.

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  6. I’m really enjoying Magic TV, definitely up there with The Magic Show in terms of relevance and general awesome. Mashi and LSV are great

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