22 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #13 – Hidden Treasures”

  1. Humphrey Dumphrey sat on a table
    While Mashi and LSV told a fable
    All Mashi’s horses and LSV’s men
    would never forget to introduce Humphrey again.

  2. Wow, that were a lot of People at your prerelease!
    Interresting thing, that we now get to see monocolored Soldier, Vampire and Elemental decks, just after the big tribal block rotated out and we got 20 nonbasic lands in the new expansion.

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  5. I used to think that Ob Nixilis was pretty good. Then I saw that Mashi thinks it is pretty good too.

    Doubts have set in. Somehow that guy is wrong about everything.

  6. I wish others would point out the awkwardness of a vampire tribal-sub-theme in this set (which is otherwise all about adventuring/treasure hunting), and that it is obviously a marketing response to the current Twilight-induced popularity of vampires among America’s youth.

    I’m not saying this is that bad really, maybe just a little lame. In general vampires are cool I guess. They definitely don’t fit the flavor of the set though in my opinion.

  7. @Dustin

    That is the dumbest theory, that Wizards put vampires in this set due to Twilight. The Magic R&D team starts designing these sets years prior to release, Twilight only has recently taken off in mass popularity in the last year. Yes, prior to the movie the books existed but were still niche YA novels nowhere near the popularity of Harry Potter, for example (where’s the Hogwarts-themed set, if your theory is to be believed?).

    Wizards has been saying for quite some time that they were never happy with zombies being the default tribe for Black, and now they’ve decided to roll them out in a new expansion.

  8. I just wanna throw it out there: At my shop we opened 60 boxes for our singles supply. . . Not a single treasure.

  9. My friend opened two treasures in the same box, I guess that would be the equivalent of winning the lottery. I didn’t see it myself, but he said he opened a Plateau and Savannah. It’s too bad he’s not going to put them to very good use.

  10. I would really love to see some ME3 Drafts. :] I’m actually kind of looking forward to some considering how poorly M10 has been co operating. Not just for LSV, but for everyone it seems.

  11. Agreed. Please start putting up more draft videos ASAP, I’m going through some terrible drafting withdrawal

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