13 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #12 – MTGO PTQs”

  1. First of all a nitpick: How could you show the wrong card (showing some green dude instead of the land)?

    Secondly I’d suggest trying to get these up a little faster. I know that might be tough but this information is all really dated and even though it’s a lot of fun to hear you people I feel like I’m opening a time capsule every time I start one of these episodes up.

    Other than that, fine show. Loved the puns…or most of them anyway.

  2. WAAAAH! Why doesn’t it play on my iPod?

    /end{whiny tech who doesn’t want to troubleshoot it on his own}

  3. Complain, complain, complain…

    But hey, good show! I agree with the Cobra topic. 30 bucks for a 2/1, 2 drop? Way over-hyped. It’s probably not gonna be worth it in a world with Lightning Bolts and Volcanic Fallouts. But hey, I’m sure it’ll see heavy play.

    No mention about enemy fetches and how they’ll affect Extended? It’s all good. We know pretty much that Scalding Tarn and Misty Rainforest are going to be the most played, but then again.. who knows for sure…

  4. I agree these should go up earlier. It just seems bad when they are talking about a card that was spoiled incorrectly, such as the Cobra Trap. The trap isn’t activated when a noncreature spell is COUNTERED, it’s activated when a noncreature spell is DESTROYED. But a great show non-the-less. Keep it up guys!

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  6. Humphery is probably smarter then LSV in terms of card evaluation. it didn’t even speak when lotus cobra was mentioned.

  7. It’s been said elsewhere, but I think the most apt comparison to draw for Scute Mob is with Figure of Destiny: it’s a 1-drop that you’re going to have to kill eventually.

  8. Oof, the number of bad jokes is killing me. I don’t understand how Humphrey can keep a straight face during these videos.

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