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  2. SF is the culinary capital of the world.

    Keep talking about food. I like it, having a hollow leg myself.

    I challenge you guys to an eat-off (lookin at you Web) at GP Portland this next September (if you show up). We have some pretty decent Pho restaurants here too, Luis.

  3. You guys should come out to New York for the Taste of Buffalo festival. Of the top 100 ranked chicken wings in the united states, 67 of them show up there, including all of the top 5. If you like pizza so much, you should like wings too, because after all, what’s pizza without wings?

  4. I don’t mind you making a video about food, but I am not generally interested in hearing about it/reading about it. While in a text article, it is rather easy to skim through paragraphs to see if there is anything of interest to me, it is not similarly easy with videos. Please put up descriptions of the content of the videos when you post them.

  5. @robin: Pho is definitely not only a West Coast thing…I have had great Pho in Chicago (where I currently live) and in Grand Rapids, MI where I used to live. I am sure there are Pho restaurants all over the country.

  6. Jack Stack, Gates and Bryants were pretty insane in KC. Only had a chance to do the Salt Lick in Austin but their brisket was phenomenal. Tough choice but I gotta give it to KC I think. Of course none of it beats eastern NC pork!

  7. Arthur Bryant’s is perhaps the best restaurant on the planet. their burnt ends are fantastic. I live in KC, if you get a chance to come here, go to Arthur Bryant’s, order the burnt ends, it will change your life.

  8. Whatever dudes, don’t knock MPLS! We’ve got a few great Mexican places in the rough part of town, and the home of the first Buca’s.

  9. I like how people get mad about this video not being about magic. Read the “extra” part of the title and get over it (yes I know it also says magic). I enjoyed the video and thought that it was really funny.

  10. yeah, people should chill.
    As they said in the video, the reason they are talking about food on Magic TV: EXTRA is because part of the game’s society is eating with other pro players at pro tours and that being one of the few times some of these pro players see each other. Don’t knock them for talking about an aspect of the pro environment and not about the game itself.

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  12. I like how you brought on another channelfireball writer to talk. I’d love to see Alexander Shearer make an appearance.

  13. I usually have some dificulties to understand LSV’s pronunciation, and my english is not that bad.

    I would like to see some subtitles =/

  14. you’re a dick, Mashi. Minneapolis is a fantastic cultural hub and a major metropolitan area. If you want to eat it, we have it; especially if it is of African or Asian origins. How about going to a place before you judge it.

  15. C’mon guys, even Noobie & the Dood doesn’t spend 10+ minutes talking about food in their videos. Less food More Magic. If i wanted to watch food chat i’d watch the FoodNetwork channel. 😛

  16. I liked the video, I thought it was a funny departure from the norm. I can kind of see where people would get mad, perhaps a disclaimer at the top to say its not actually about magic since all of your previous “extra” episodes have been about ‘Magic’ (I put the quote because this is about Magic, just not Magic cards or playing).

    Also Sean you need to calm down, he did preface it by saying he could be wrong. He is right though when I think Montana I don’t think exotic foods.

    And ya, you guys got to figure out how to make David Ochoa louder, either through the volume on the mic or just slapping him every time he talks quietly.

  17. Yeah instead of finding out about how much steak sauce or whatever David Ochoa enjoys how about we get some drafting with lsv videos up there? I mean come on.

  18. Mosh is right. Have you see Magic players? Of course we talk about food. Food is the great equalizer. Show me someone who doesn’t enjoy a great meal with old friends and new friends alike. Its a bonding ritual. Yeah, most of us are nerds. We don’t have a lot to talk about with each other, other than Magic, and… Food. And magic gets boring after an hour or so. (Hey, theres only so much we can say).

    Speaking of, GP Oakland: Best place to eat is Evert and Jones BBQ. Theres one in Jack London Square, and one in Berkeley. (Both very close) Best BBQ this side of the Mississippi. (Get the medium, its Cajun, mmm)

  19. David looks so fucking bored.

    Not an environment to be in, but the overall atmosphere of ChannelFireball/Superstars is totally.. totally the place to be.. whereas Magic is concerned.

    Don’t get too bloated, guys!

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