Magic TV: Extra – Interview with Ben Stark

NOTE: These shows were taped a couple days prior to Pro Tour – San Diego. At that time, most of Team Fireball was still undecided on what to play. Therefore, the decision was made to hold these videos until after the tournament. While they may not be as timely as they could have been; hopefully, these videos can give insight into the players’ thought processes leading up to the tournament.

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7 thoughts on “Magic TV: Extra – Interview with Ben Stark”

  1. As someone who has drafted with Ben and other FL players from Tampa and Orlando, I can truly say that Ben was/is one of the nicest guys to play against and with. I’m glad to see him back.

    And what LSV said was totally true, although 30 minutes for a draft is probably an exaggeration. Get Chris Fennell on the phone and you’ll have that draft going in 20.

  2. i drafted 8 times offline last week and could have done more but i volunteered to sit out so others could get in. here i thought this was a normal amount of drafts.

  3. nyahoi, no offence but you don’t really matter! Luis is the man he will talk when he wishes.

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  5. @Daryn Im happy Luis is “the man” in your eyes and you give right for him to talk whenever he wishes, Im sure he’ll be chuffed! To think that someone’s opinion simply dosn’t matter because its directed at someone you admire though seems incrediably childish. My point still stands that this is a “Ben Stark interview” and would therfore have liked to hear more from him than Luis on this occasion. This being a rare opportunity for me/us all to get to do so. I think this is a fantastic set of interviews and would love them to do this again. Im certain Luis is a big boy though and can handle hearing some critisism without you needing to run to his aid.

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