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  1. No love for triple Lorwyn? Such a great, great format. You had so many little synergies and interactions, and a card like Elvish Handservant could either be just a garbage card, or in the right deck could be amazing. You got value out of so many little interactions like that, and it was really skill-intensive. Other than Mirror Entity and Profane Command, there were really no “OMG I topdecked the blowout” cards (though Cloudgoat Ranger might be close).

    All the cool things you could do with Amoeboid Changeling? Insane. And people were still discovering neat hidden archetypes even after the format had been around a few months, like the crazy Flamekin Brawler/Soulbright Flamekin/Ceaseless Searblades combo deck, where you could get Brawlers 12-15.

    Man alive that was a good format.

  2. My favorite was the few times I got to do Triple 5Th Dawn.

    Salvagers, Trinket Mages, Conjurer’s bauble. good times!

  3. I always thought TPF was pretty awesome simply by virtue of its huge library. Timespiral was a normal large set + the timeshifted so there were more cards available than any other format. Further, it had more keyword mechanics than every other set. Plus it was balanced.

    3. LLM
    2. RGD
    1. TPF

  4. You like onslaught? Really? I can’t forget the skirk commando/battering craghorn dilemma… At least it wasn’t OLS bad

    Time spiral TTP or TPF were great, LLM was great, same with MD5. Not a huge fan of multicolor but I’d say alara’s a bit better than ravnica as well. The rules change really make the older formats less interesting though…

  5. i wont give you shit for Champs, because i’ve always said that it was really cool within itself. as a block format, as a drafting format its really cool. but when added to standard or extended it seems like it has a lot less to offer than most other sets or blocks.

  6. TPF i have to agree was rad.

    when to go into black, can this deck beat a Swarm, good format.

    LLM was good.

    IPA is an all time classic

    My 100% fave was trips US how good can i get my black deck this time.

  7. You guys are made for each other! Jk.

    But seriously, OTJ was a ton of fun; as was LLL.

    I guess picking favorites for drafting depends on preference, when a player is beginning, or when a player is initiating themselves into a new set.

    The rest is history!



    Do more drafts! They’re so much fun to watch.

    I bet you guys are going to be talking about the new Elf and new Red mythic. So much talk around the interwebs is going on since the first Worldwake spoilers.

  8. I like Shards Block complete because of the depth of the block. You could play focused two color decks like UW flyers. You could play Esper with 5 Color back up plan. You could force five color. You could play UB and choose Esper or Grixis as the draft developed. There was good beats decks and good control decks in almost all the shards. Cards like Resounding Silence were spectacular in certain decks but terrible in others. The addition of Mythics really rewarded preparation and understanding of the format, i.e. Tezzeret could be awesome or really challenge and unprepared player. Great playables flowed down in to the 12-14 picks regularly if you read signals well. I love the skill of Alara block draft.

    I agree with the player above about Lorwyn block and all the little interactions. How often did a good Giants deck present itself, but when it did watch out. Fairies went from underrated crazy awesome to stifled and back several times. Morningtide really bored down the set. I too prefer LLL.

  9. OTJ and CBS were the most skill intensive, TPF and RGD were awesome too, and honestly the rest didn’t do it for me. I’d prob go

  10. Favourite formats:

    Time Spiral x 2, Planar Chaos – I loved drafting the storm deck. Either R/G or U/R. Also TTT and TPF were great formats. When I wasn’t drafting storm there were other fun archetypes too, like blue morph, white weenie etc.

    Alara, Alara, Conflux – The 5c control deck was amazingly fun to draft.

    Triple Mirrodin – Lots of fun with affinity and how everyone realised that equipment was not as good as it first seemed.

    Least favourite:

    Triple onslaught – Morph was not good for limited. Oh, and sparksmith.

    RGD – I know everyone loves this but I didn’t like the randomness in choosing a guild that was only supported by 1 pack. Triple RAV was fine though.

    Triple shadowmoor – Ugh, hated the hybrid auras and then grew to hate the mono red deck.

  11. 1. RGD. Didn’t like RRR and RRG a lot, but once the full block was available, good lord did those drafts get good.

    2. MMD. LSV is correct, MMD was definitely better than MD5. The extra pack of spellbombs and the like made the decks a lot more consistent, and there wasn’t any retarded sunburst stuff going on. So many bombs! This might be the closest that any “real” limited format has come to cube draft.

    3. CCB. I have no idea how somebody picks CBS over CCB, but LSV gets partial credit for at least including Kamigawa on his list. This format doesn’t get enough respect.

    So yeah, I agree with LSV’s list aside from ordering and Saviors of Kamigawa. All of the above formats were a blast, and even after drafting them for months I was sorry to see them go when new sets bumped them out.

    LLL and TPF were a lot of fun too, but don’t quite measure up to the above three.

  12. I think I’m the only person in the world who liked Shadowmoor, lol. Although my very favorite was the non-traditional Shadowmoor/Eventide/Eventide. Decks were very strong, but not ludicrously strong like EEE.

  13. My favourite draft format would have to be Triple Coldsnap, but that’s only because to this day it was the one where I was most successful drafting. I also really loved Ravnica-Guildpact-Dissension… gotta love being able to cast your spells!

  14. #3. Trip Shards. 5 color decks that do nothing are by far my favorite archetype. I loved playing Kiss of the Amesha.
    #2. Suicide (pick your own packs). It is interesting to evaluate normal (not cube powered) cards in a huge pool. I love getting to play non-broken spells in broken ways.
    #1. Cube. This format has taught me the most about evaluating cards. Cubing is the most fun I have drafting.

  15. Obviously the best is Inv-Pla-Apo
    It´s not even close.

    Onslaught was great aswell

  16. i loved triple morningtide. i played it as much as i could.
    also loved triple zen. happy newyear guys 🙂

  17. Have always been a fan of trip Invasion. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun playing limited than drafting U/B with like 10 cantrips and Probes then winning with random garbage creatures when you still had like 5-6 cards in hand to your opponent’s empty hand.

  18. 3. Shards block
    2. Zendikar
    1. Time Spiral block

    Lorwyn sucked. The entire format was “hurr durr tribal!”

  19. Masques Masques Masques!! Ramosian Sargent! Snorting Ghar! Monkey Cage! Cateran Enforcer!

    Those were the days.

  20. I’m glad to see I’m not alone in loving Time Spiral drafting, although I am kind of surprised. I really felt like it was a lot of fun to draft, however, someone cited it as being balanced. I would really have to disagree there. In Time Spiral, drafting blue was ALWAYS the correct choice. This got a little better with Future Sight making red a decent amount better and giving green Sprout Swarm, but still… Anyways, that wasn’t a problem for me, being a blue fan.

    My top 3:
    1. TPF
    2. RGD
    3. KBS

  21. NIce lists, I can get behind everyone in the vid, except for Triple Onslaught, mainly because I’ve never tried it 🙂 Seems kinda weird though. For me, RGD is the most fun format ever. Shards don’t even come close as a multicolor format and it kicks IPA easily. My list is this:

    1. RGD (1 nonsupported guild? There were strategies ya know)
    2. TPF (So many playables, so many options, so many mistakes. Fun.)
    3. CCC (I really liked triple Champions. Dunno why)

    LLL is a close contender because it was alot of fun before morningtide introduced the crappy tribal themes and the cards weren’t that much fun in that set. ZZZ is the most boring draftformat I’ve ever tried, since you either go aggro or finish last. And limiting strategies is not fun.

  22. 3. OTJ
    2. tie between TTT and TPF
    1. LLL

    I’m surprised there wasn’t more people with SSS or SSE on here. I thought that was the worse draft format ever next to ZZZ but it seemed popular. Triple Lorwyn was be far the best draft format ever. All the colors were fairly equal in power accept for white faltering a little bit (unlike ZZZ I don’t no what the hell wizards was thinking when they made this horrible mess of a limited format). Also the tribal aspect of it added a whole different view on what made a an average card a great card (I’m looking at you Avian Changling)

  23. 3. triple onslaught
    2. MMM
    1. Champions block

    least favorite

    So basically the 3 blocks when I was first getting into magic. I agree with LSV that nothing is more fun than drafting affinity every draft. I really don’t even know the appeal of onslaught but I can recall loving it. Oh yeah, the goblin deck and mono black were fun.

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  25. My favorite draft format would be Zenzenzen but that’s because it’s one of my first draft formats. I have played one ravguilddissention but only once and it was fun.

    I would love to see some you guys draft some older format online if possible I here so many things about Kamigawa block draft and I can’t get anyone at my store to have one. I think it’s interesting to draft older formats. It’s sad that after a year most draft formats die.

  26. I gotta say I actually really liked Alara block. It made me feel good for winning when everyone was complaining about mana screw. I really feel like that format tested people’s skill in mana bases, both during the drafting process and in deckbuilding, which was interesting to me.

  27. 1. RGD: drafting 4-5 colors is awesome! And it’s the best designed block so far imo.

    2. AAA: drafting 3 colors is almost as awesome as drafting 4-5! ..but the rest of Alara block limited was meh

    3. Xth edition: Fun and a better draft format than people give it credit for.

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