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  1. My favorite deck of all time was Prosperous Bloom way back in ’97. Ah that deck was a lot of fun to play, and even more fun to watch people nerd rage at you for it =D

  2. Control:
    Hey I share the same favorite deck with LSV 🙂 Teachings was such a great deck: It seams that you had answers against almost everything, the mirror matches were very slow but skill intensive and aside from Damnation it was very cheap to build.
    #2 among the control decks goes to UWB Lark: having a Reveillark that can bring back Mulldrifter and Archmage is like a 6:1 trade and you can use Makeshift Manequin to do it again.

    #1 goes to my homebrew soldiers.dec that I used to play at our extended FNMs. It was able to reliably kill on turn 4 and still could play control against other creature decks.
    #2 is the current T2 Bushwhacker deck that does amazi9ng stuff with 0 and 1 power common creatures.

    I am not a typical combo player and so my choices here are more like nice synergies in dekcs that can win without drawing their combo engine.

    #1 is Gravegames , a control deck that utilized UB evoke creatures + Makeshift Manequin combined with the River Kelpie -Raven’s Crime engine to keep your opponent at 0 cards in hand while drawing cards at the same time.

    #2 is a rough deck called Strawberry Crisis: you basically take a RG ramp deck and include Wildpair + a lot of 2/2s with abilities / Wall of Roots that can tutor for almost ever other creature in your deck.
    Once you untapped with Wildpair all you need to do is play a a creature and you can tutor up for Grinning Ignus, that turned every red mana you spend into another creature – for excample Primal Forcemage(gives all creatures that come into play this turn +3/+3) and 4 Bogardan Hellkites/ Avalanche Riders.

  3. G/W Astral Slide

    I played that deck the seemingly entire 2004 year and then watched worlds and my deck won. It was the best feeling ever outside of winning myself obviously.

  4. 1. Trisketron, One of the only decks that could beat Dralnu Du Louvre when i started tournament playing

    2. Solarpox, (still trying to make it for extended)

    3.Orzhov Control, It was the only deck I ever posted a top 8 result with in my however long I have been playing…when did Coldsnap come out? o.O XD

  5. In the future, it would be very helpful to show the cards that defined the decks you both are speaking of. As a new player I have no reference for many of the older cards which you are talking about. If you could flash the cards on the screen and explain their interaction and why it was so good that would make it much more interesting.

  6. My top 3:

    3: Dancing Gnomes Necro.

    Used Dance of the Dead and Bottle Gnomes to fuel big time Necro draw. A slow controlling deck in an environment full of Speed Red.

    2. Counter Rebels

    Dudes and counters and such resilience that nothing could touch it. Fires was big then, but not even close to beating the Counter Rebs.

    1. Stasis

    Post 5th Edition Statsis with Rescues was just a beating. I an through a sea of Sligh, Survival, and Necro to win my first tournament with this deck. I get a tear in my eye every time Rosewater says how much people hated playing against it.

  7. 3. Angel Stax in Legacy, I suppose now my current build features World Queller more so maybe “World Stax”, but I’ve always loved just how devastating a deck like Stax can be without ever dealing a point of damage.

    2. Oath, through all of its variations, I can’t stop casting that little green enchantment.

    1. Reap-Lace, for those off the wall combo players back in the day. Nothing like taking infinite turns by recurring lotus, timewalk, reap and then beating face with a trusty factory for ten turns.

  8. 3.Standard Heartbeat Combo, the deck was slick, you had good defense and the sideboard options you had were insane, very fun indeed.

    2. Dredge-atog, based off the Julien Nuijten GP Winning list it was so good to play, a nice control deck that could smash and win quick.

    1. 5 Colour gifts, the first competitive deck i borrowed or got all the cards for and played and tested before the tournament i went to with, so much fun, interactions, hana kani loops, just amazing.

  9. My favorite list is one that I had no real wins with, Project X back from Ravnica-Time spiral type 2, I loved the flexability of the deck with its glittering wish sideboard…

  10. Draw-go, Urza’s block
    Solar flare
    Ichorid (when onslaught was legal in extended)

  11. Great episode. You can really see that you are both having a good time recording and it makes it more fun to watch.

    Nice topic Owen!

    Oh I wanted to add I appreciated LSV took a few seconds to quickly describe how each deck worked.
    I played during those days but not competitively so a little info on how those decks played/won was all I needed to be able to understand the subject. But I did need that, so I’m glad he gave it 🙂

  12. Funny story about Cheon’s PTQ win with the UW Desire deck:

    Sometime during the top 8 (quarters or maybe semis), he’s playing against some sort of white weenie deck splashing blue with basically every stupid hater bear ever printed (Meddling Mage, True Believer, etc etc). Pretty much a nightmare matchup. I believe they split the first two games, with Cheon stealing one due to his opponent’s mana problems or whatever.

    Cheon is totally getting destroyed in game 3 but tries to combo off anyways. He puts together a feeble desire of like 4 cards after Snapping a couple bears, and the Desire flips a Brain Freeze and some chaff. Cheon’s opponent goes totally on tilt when he sees the Brain Freeze and starts swearing and gets up and stomps around the room for a minute, then comes back to the game and just scoops… even though the Brain Freeze was only going to be for something like 18 or 21 cards max.

  13. 1: 5-Color Grim Long (Vintage) – It was great because every game was this huge puzzle of a decision tree. Good times.

    2: UBWg Blink (Standard) – The green was strictly to incorporate Tarmogoyf, but the deck was a ton of fun to play and actually quite budget friendly, since Tarmogoyf hadn’t exploded yet at this point.

    3: 4-Color Landstill (Legacy) – I loved playing this deck during the scary, albeit short, Flash era because it crushed Flash consistently. Also, I got to beat down with Nantuko Monastery, which was already one of my favorite lands of all time.

  14. ThePedestrian136

    For your next video can you do all-time most annoying card to play against for each color? Anytime period is fine!

  15. As far as decks I loved:

    3) Heartbeat Combo. I liked both the Standard version with the transmute engine and the extended Mind’s Desire build, although I never got a chance to actually play Heartbeat Desire in an event so I spose I’ll give the nod to the Standard build.

    2) UG Aggro. My favorite build was in Standard right after Time Spiral was printed (19 lands with Scryb Ranger and Spectral Force, etc), but I played various builds pretty much the entire time Remand was standard legal (and in block with Delay!). Something about running out a couple dudes and then countering everything just appeals to me a lot.

    1) UB Psychatog. Specifically, the Intuition/AK Tog build in Extended (pre-Tinker). I played that deck in more events that I can count, but it only got more fun to play over time. This also happened to be my favorite mirror match of all time.

    Honorable mention goes to Vial Goblins, Beast Oath, every random Hermit Druid deck in extended history, and UB Faeries in Block/Standard.

  16. Dark Pickles was awesome. I mean you had the Teachings/Teferi thing and you had a 1 sided Stasis lock that attacks for 10, what more can you ask for in a deck?

  17. My favourite deck was a Big Red deck from mirrodin block constructed that played the combo of Megatog and Grab the Reins. Add in some talismans, artifact lands, shrapnel blasts, furnace dragons and arc sloggers and you have an incredibly fun deck.

  18. I like the Aethermage’s Touch deck in Ravnica. I think it’s cool for the luck factor in it as well as surprising the opponent with an Angel of Despair, Bogardan Hellkite, or other big CITP creature.

  19. Teachings? =o

    Maybe you started playing Magic to late Louis but everytime I played that deck I only felt reminded of how bad Mystical Teachings was and how awsome it was when you got yourself a Fact or Fiction for 3U (often 2U or 1U thanks to Nighscape Familiar which was also present in the UB version of that Minds Desire deck in 2nd place, personly I think UB was better even though it was worse against agro). I guess Gifts ungiven cost 3U aswell and it is more simular to Teacings but FoF was in Tog which as a deck was much more like Teaching (only a million times better).

    Also have to disagree with Kyle GW slide was maybe the most boring deck in the history of the game. I guess Slide was fine when you had to be cute with Cartographer but then they decided to print Eternal Witness which was a fine card but printed at the wrong time.

    So favourite deck of all times.
    I have to give my vote to Twiddle Desire, such a masterpiece when it came to deck design. Basicly for anyone who does know what deck it is. The format was extended and the first PT after some major Bannings to the format, for some reason they forgot about to bann Tinker along with printing a bunch of new powerful artifacts in Mirrodin so basicly EVERYONE was playing Tinker, IT was like Jund times ten and some Japanese players took the Tinker engine a build a deck that was miles better then anyone else. I still have no idea how i could not win the PT.


    Pro Tour New Orleans: Twiddle Desire
    Osamu Fujita

    Main Deck

    60 cards

    4 Ancient Tomb
    2 City of Traitors
    4 Saprazzan Skerry
    4 Seat of the Synod

    14 lands

    0 creatures 4 Brainstorm
    3 Burst of Energy
    4 Chrome Mox
    4 Diminishing Returns
    4 Dream’s Grip
    3 Gilded Lotus
    4 Grim Monolith
    2 Meditate
    4 Mind’s Desire
    2 Mystical Tutor
    2 Tendrils of Agony
    4 Tinker
    2 Trade Secrets
    4 Twiddle

    46 other spells

    2 Baleful Stare
    3 Chain of Vapor
    4 Defense Grid
    1 Platinum Angel
    2 Rushing River
    1 Tendrils of Agony
    2 Thirst for Knowledge

    15 sideboard cards

    And a possible Turn one kill.

    Chrome Mox (remove a blue card)
    Ancient Tomb (4 cards)
    Tinker away mox for Guilded Lotus. (3 cards)
    Tap Lotus for UUU
    Untap Lotus with Twiddle UU (2 cards)
    Tap for UUU again (UUUUU)
    Play Meditate (UU, 5 cards)
    Untap Lutos With Dream´s Grip (U, 4 cards)
    Tap Lotus for white (UWWW)
    Play Brainstorm (WWW, 4 cards)
    Untap Lotus with Burst of Energy (WW, 3 Cards)
    Play Grim Monolith (2 cards)
    Tap Lotus for UUU and Tap Monolith (UUU3)
    Play Mind´s Desire for 9

    Obv it could have ben done in a number of ways and tun 1 kill was not to common but it was a goldfish format and that deck was alot faster then anything else, and how can a deck that lay 11 Twiddle not be the numer one deck of all times ^^ (Another awsome deck that saw that light of the day at the very same PT was Foodchain Goblins, a deck that should be somewhat familiar with people who play the eternal formats)

  20. Definitely enjoyed playing:

    1) Academy.
    2) TEPS.
    3) Rav-TS Dralnu.

    (Honorable mention goes to MartyrTron)

  21. lol i remember playing at that ptq sunday of worlds. i think i went 4-2 (with 2 game losses for being late for some matches) then dropping for the power 9 vintage tournament.

  22. Black/Green 187
    Eternal Witness, Viridian Shaman, Nekrataal, Ravenous Rats, Chittering Rats and then Okiba-Gang Shinobi, Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni and Sword of Light and Shaman (along with Eternal Witness) to recurr them.

    Always nice getting your 5 creatures Wrathed and still be up a couple of cards :P. Also playing 14 Rats maindeck in a deck that was great against Affinity and Tooth and Nail was just awesome 😀

  23. 3. Elfball in last extended season, I always felt like I had the tools to win and could fight through the hate.
    2. Heartbeat combo in extended, I love Gifts Ungiven and there’s nothing quite like surprising your opponent with a Beast Attack for 4 on their turn to wipe out their attackers then swing for the kill.
    1. Dredge with Onslaught cards in extended. First constructed PTQ win so it definitely has to be here.

  24. Kind of sad nobody chimed in and agreed with me on Pickles! That’s very unfortunate. If there was a really viable Extended Pickles deck, I would be overjoyed.

  25. U/G Crystal Shard in Standard. It was basically counters, Jens, Witness, and Rude Awakening as a finisher. It was hilarious grabbing a ton of lands and killing them from 20. Then people found Leonin Blade Trap.

  26. Any deck with Lightning Angel
    (RWU Blink Raiders in TS BC)
    (Angelfire in Rav/TS Standard)
    (RWU Merfolks in TS/LOR St) (oh, but it was so bad)

  27. definitely Trix, back in extended

    having 2 crappy cards (donate + illusions) and making the most annoying combo ever, just has to be #1

    Everyone not knowing the deck was just like “So… how does the deck win?”

  28. Hmmm well 1 and 2 are easy.

    1. magnivore
    2. owls

    For 3, I guess there is a 4 way tie or so.

    3. confidant-jushi blue/block salvagers/wake/rb ignite memory ya di

    What I learned from my top 2 is that I don’t actually like playing magic and would prefer if my opponent were always land screwed. Sounds about right for most players I guess.

  29. okay, well I figured out my number 3. T2 dredge right before bridge came out. Played greenseeker and delirium skeins to bin your dredgers and then won with huge svogthos, grave trolls or dread returned a monster. Man I wish bridge was never made.

  30. My top3 (in no particular order):

    * Benzo (the old YMG Reanimator deck in pre-Ravnica Extended when you where allowed to play with 4x Entomb and 4x Vampiric Tutor in your deck)

    * Basicly any deck with Spectral Procession and Windbrisk Heights.

    * Tron. Doesn’t really matter what version or format, but the UG version from the 2008 Extended season might be the best one.

  31. 3.UR Vore. Red blue land denial was so fun. Used to wreck face with it for months when it was legal.
    2.Raffinity. A good solid artifact deck that could live through hate and was really forgiving to play when you werent paying attention
    1.Madness. Wild Mongrel for POTUS 2012 nothing more.

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  33. 3. Lorwyn + Shards Merfolk. I played various iterations before and after States that year, but this was the deck that other people actually did well with. LSV and I t4d, while Cedric Phillips won states with something close to these 75. http://www.deckcheck.net/deck.php?id=21088

    2. A homebrew Tog list that I played in a ptq when I wasn’t really into Magic. Other than 4 Tog, 2 Meloku, and 3 Smother, every card in the maindeck either tapped for mana, drew a card, or countered a spell. My only regret about this deck is that I didn’t have Trinket Mage technology yet. http://www.deckcheck.net/deck.php?id=3728

    1. UG Upheaval. This is another one of my masterpieces. If you know me well, you know that I have an unhealhy obession for Merfolk Looter, and it can be traced to this deck. This deck is everything I love about Magic, and it’s also the first time I had done well in a tournament of any significanace. http://magic.tcgplayer.com/db/deck.asp?deck_id=895

    It’s no coincidence that all these decks are very blue, have a non-grinding way to kill people, are really short on removal, and have cantrips. All three are brews to some extent as well, but none were completely out of left field.

    Other decks I have a soft spot for:
    -A Lorwyn/Time Spiral monoblue deck with 4x Pact of Negation, 4x Platinum Angel, and a bunch of card drawing and mana accel.
    -Rav/Time Spiral monoblue morph.dec
    -last years extended Zoo. First time I ever felt comfortable playing burn spells outside of the cube.
    -GrizzlyFate.dec – OD Block deck I top 8’d GP:Cleveland way back when
    -Onslaught Block Monowhite. As you can tell, I love doing things in fewer colors than other people did with more colors.
    -Standard Dredge – The Greenseeker/Llanowar Mentor version. It was a dredge deck that didn’t make you feel dirty

  34. Oh yea, one more deck that I can’t believe I forgot. My second draft deck at PT SanDiego ’04, which was MMD. 4 Cloudpost, 2 Reap and Sow, Tooth and Nail, Sundering Titan, Darksteel Colossus.

  35. Agree with Depeche. UB desire was a blast to play and, while nightscape ate it against aggro, it was a bit faster with the tendrils win, so there was some compensation for lack of walls.

    Some people used Vamp tutor, but I disliked the card disadvantage in a storm deck.

    By the time I started PTQing that season, I had moved on to RB aggro weirdness. Glass cannon deck with lots of weak, but synergistic, slots. I could outplay most decks in the format with Cabal Therapy shenanigans, but the rock lists always deeded my men and recovered their card advantage with eternal witness-style ease. Made top eight of a 94 person PTQ in Seattle as first seed, paired against the rock player who scraped in on breakers and that’s all she wrote. Some ex pro I beat in the swiss took it with scepter chant, which I am still convinced was a bad deck. Slower than heck with some shady soft-locks that made you run bad cards like squee. I think better players ran it simply because it was the control deck of the format. Or maybe because it had more than a 0% win rate against rock. Haha. I’m so pretentious.

  36. #1 UR Tron from Kamigawa/Ravnica standard to Watanabe’s Ravnica/Time Spiral standard

    #2 UG Scryb and Force from Ravnica/Time Spiral standard

    #3 Trix, most broken deck ever

  37. I suppose I’ll throw in my favorites..

    1. Miracle Gro (Vintage)
    2. Psychatog Control (Pre-ONS)
    3. Faeries (Pre-M10)


  38. The blue deck was actually playable beforehand, with sapphire medallions and helm of awakening. it used the cloud/snap/frantic search for mana, and most of the card draw was through meditates and frantic search. Could go infinite with scrivener evac and some faeries or a peregrine drake etc. The deck was created waaaay before sunscape familiar was even a card.

  39. Full English Breakfast was the best deck ever…

    Survival decks with Volrath’s shapeshifter… involved some shenanigans…survival away flowstone hellion, pump 10-11 times on the stack, survival away phyrexian dreadnought, let the pumps resolve… win

    Fun times

  40. I was a big fan of “Trix”. That was the cereal name given to Necro/Donate, right? That deck was a lot of fun and really strong.

  41. 1. Ext. Heartbeat Combo (by far my favourite deck ever)
    2. Ext. UR Tron with Gifts -> Trash for Treasure
    3. T2 Enduring Ideal/Ext. Elf Combo

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  43. @kbo – great story.
    You do realise that Sunscape Familiar was in Planeshift and Mind´s Desire was in Scourge. Planeshift was 2 Blocks earlier then Scourge and since it´s a Mind´s Desire deck it would be impossible to build it long before Sunscape Familiar was even a card.

  44. That was one nice video.

    Most of the decks i really liked playing are very, very old…

    – Invasion Block UWB Control. First PTQ win forever in your memory.
    – Extended BG Rock 2001. You can never forget your first nice result. Since then every Extended season i always look first for a nice Rock list before any other deck hehe
    – Standard UW Counter-Rebels/UW Control 2000/2001 played those for more then one year, used to even play UW Control with the Rebels on the sideboard and so, it was so fun!

    the only more recent deck i care about was the 2006/7 Solar Flare deck, just because it was the only deck i had available. At least i got some cool results in some minor tournaments, eventhough i punted my 2006 nats. I miss Persecute, Akroma and so on…

  45. 1) Severance/Belcher- t2 belcher into t3 severance/game consistently won me many a arena league match up
    2) G/W Slide
    3) TEPS

  46. Very little love for Vintage, though this isn’t surprising.

    3: Viridian Joiner combo deck (Ons/Mirr Standard) I made and played in a few FNMs. Even though it wasn’t that good I just really enjoyed playing it.

    2: Brassman Gifts with either Flame/Vault or Severence Belcher. (Vintage)

    1: Control Slaver (Vintage) Its easily the deck I’ve had the most success with and it was the first deck I was successful with. Sometimes it played like a combo deck and your opponent was locked out on turn 2 and sometimes you grinded them out and won by attacking with Goblin Welders for a bunch of turns. I like the deck so much I brought it back from the dead when the metagame was all GAT.

  47. 3. Burn and Beats/Zoo…pretty much anything that has burn spells and small creatures Theyre all the same to me.

    2. BlueBlack Mannequin Pre-Morningtide when Bitterblossom/Faeries and Reveilark for that matter obsoleted it. Evoke Blacktongue Kavu (Shriekmaw), Mannequin later…good times

    1. UBr Faeries. Yeah, I said it. Creatures, counters, removal, and burn and I didn’t have to tap mana on my own turn very often because…honestly, who wants to do something that disgusting? Tapping mana on my own turn *shudders* :p

  48. Top three:
    1- Necropotence- C’mon, what other deck so dominated “standard”?
    2- Turbo Land- SO much fun that extended season. Very unknown deck from GP Taipei early in the season.
    3- Pox- Had a lot of success with Pox. Had too much fun exploiting Yawgmoths Will.

    Honorable mention: Solidarity- Ignore your opponent almost the entire match.

  49. Goblin Bidding! That deck was so much fun. Goblin Sharpshooter is still my favorite card…I loved winning through, say, multiple silver knights or an active CoP: Red. I loved watching the placid look on my opponents face after shipping the turn with CoP: Red slowly disappear as their life total went down by one, two, three…

    The best part was at the beginning of the Bidding turn, it wasn’t always clear exactly how much damage you’d be able to do, it was sort of like a puzzle.

    I also enjoyed a homebrewed deck I made for a “casual” but sanctioned legacy event. It had Gifts Ungiven and a lot of Sunburst cards, to power out a White Bringer. I guess it was technically a Mindslaver lock deck, but the kill was the funniest thing I’ve ever done in a game of sanctioned Magic.

    Gifts Ungiven for Bringer of the White Dawn, Zombify, Regrowth, and whatever combo piece you were missing. The kill went like this: with Vedalken Orrery in play, Mindslaver them and cast Goblin Game as an instant on their turn. You had to Burning Wish for the Goblin Game, even, since I didn’t want it to take up any maindeck slots.

  50. My personal top 3 as a semi-competitive player (Mostly play FNMs and such)

    3. UG Faeries (Time Spiral / Lorwyn / 10th Standard) This was before Bitterblossom, so UG Fae was just as good as the UB version. It was much ore aggressive though. It had Birds and Scryb Ranger, and even Spectral Force sometimes. I love blue aggro-control decks. Those and crazy convoluted combo decks are my favorite things to play. Also, playing Garruk and untapping for Spellstutter mana was awesome, especially when overrunning with a bunch of huge fliers next turn.

    2. UG Heartbeat Desire (Invasion / Lorwyn / 7th-10th Extended) This Extended environment was probably my favorite of all time. This deck had so many of my favorite draw spells, from Fact or Fiction to Gifts Ungiven to Mind’s Desire to Deep Analysis. I also love Wishboards, so Cunning Wish was a fun card to play. Overall, this was an incredibly fun deck that took forever to combo off with.

    1. WUG Sunrise Eggs (Invasion / Lorwyn / 7th-10th Extended) This deck was actually fairly similar to the Heartbeat deck. It alternated drawing lots of cards with making lots of mana until winning.The engine was ingenious, and every single card in the deck worked perfectly with every other card. Some combo decks have two or three combo pieces and the rest is dedicated to assembling and protecting them, but this deck had so many little engines and interactions that it would be hard to say what exactly the combo is. Even when goldfishing, this deck never exactly worked the same way twice, making comboing off never get tedious and always be challenging.

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