85 thoughts on “Luis Scott-Vargas 16-0 at Pro Tour San Diego!”

  1. lol for some one who bashes green white decks decks hard its kinda ironic, the naya deck and mono green draft

  2. Just goes to show the best pros can play and win with anything.

    Congrats LSV!

    Match ups are up, tomorrow LSV has to face an all in red deck with no kor firewalkers. Will his basilisk/behemoth sledges be enough? Can’t wait to find out!

    I do hope just once LSV can land a sparkmage in play and then the guy has no answer. He will just cry!

  3. Screw Mono-Red!


    I’m really pulling for you here man, this will be the moment where everyone knows that you are one of the greats! Maybe all those dump haters will stfu after you win your second pro tour on the back of a 19-0, flawless victory on sunday.

    Go for it LSV! YOU CAN DOOOOOO IT! lol

  4. There were many hostile reactions when Kevin Grove decided to play Ruel in the final round of swiss in GP Brighton, aiming for the perfect record, instead of scooping him in.
    I wonder how will the Magic community react this time?
    Also, congrats Luis on an unbelievable run.

  5. Grats if not for 2 things.
    1.Playing Naya
    2.Dream crushing my fellow swede in round 16

    I can´t belive you played it out with nothing to play for agaisnt an opponent who just needed a draw, 16-0 can´t be that important?

  6. and JED.
    LSV isn´t close to that. One of the best players right now obv. Top 3 ever, not even close.
    1. Is obv Kai (unless you are amerikan because then you might vote for Finkel)
    2. Finkel or Nassif I´d say. If Nassif take a second title he will be my number clear #2. no other player have ben on top of the game for as long as Nassif.

    Still great performance LSV and good luck in the top 8 even though its a tough Quarter and potentially unwinnable? semis (haven´t tested obv but it doesn´t look good on paper)if the esper deck gets through.

  7. Milton J. Figueroa

    MB – ask the Colts or the 72 Dolphins. Would you throw away a chance at greatness for absolutely no good reason?

  8. MB,
    are you seriously saying people are obliged to ID in the final rounds if it gives their opponent top 8 berth? How fair would it have been for the guy that is out of top 8 instead of Elfgren, when he goes in with undeserved ID gift?

  9. @MB:

    You’re kidding about the “dream crushing” thing right? Because obviously you’d be smart enough to realise that even if LSV did decide to draw, that dream crushes somebody else who was trying to get into the Top 8?

    Welcome to the real world, son.

  10. @ MB

    Dude, additionally, him winning gave a better chance for his teammate, Tom Ross, to make it into top 8. There was absolutely no reason for him to take the draw.

  11. Luis that was amazing! Regardless of what happens today, it was an amazing achievement. And it couldn’t happen to a better guy, who does more for the game. Displaying such professionalism and sportsmanship while doing 16-0 is the best part about it.

    Best of luck today, or at least , may you avoid the most calamitous. You seem to be able to overcome anything else.

  12. Don´t take it so freaking serious ffs.
    I wouldn´t care one bit i it wasnt for a swedish player.

    if you want response though.

    It´s not the same thing as dreamcrushing for someone else. People get enough points to ID into top 8 and 9/10 matches both players will agree on the draw. I´m basicly agaisnt IDíng in the first place so I´m glad when people doesn´t do it. The problem is that most DOES take the ID it would be better if everyone jsut played it out instead.

    But maybe I should have made it more obvious that that I was not 100% serious. Sorry about that.
    Still I don´t think it doesn´t matter one bit if he goes 15-0-1 or 16-0 he´s still ranked number one and if he lose in the quarters 2 months from now no1 will remember that he went 16-0 in the swiss.

  13. To be honest, when you are at the top, you are crushing everyones’ dreams.

    I wouldn’t have taken the ID there, whats the point?

    He sets a Pro Tour record, practically automatically gets himself into the Hall of Fame and is never forgotten as a great in Magic, if you have to crush a few peoples dreams to live your own, then so be it.

  14. Goodluck to him in the quarters which don’t seem to good. No baneslayers main and only 2 in the board and not alot of beef ala woolly thoctar to go for the early equipped collar. At least he has plenty of ways to pay for the quenchable fire game 1. Overall I think he is slightly unfavorite preboard and even in the postboard games which are more important obviously.
    I still don’t get how the deck is really favorite against jund but apparently it is.

  15. @Jethro This RDW is very good teched agains even firewalker. Punishing Fire owns Firewalker and Unstable Footing kills him dead if necessary

  16. GO LSV Oakland representing at the PT who the fuck was that foreigner saying that SF is much better city? anyways so rootin for the hometown hero to Boss around the opposition 😀

  17. @ MB
    I apologize, didn’t mean to sound harsh – I just think that this standard of scooping or intentionally drawing when you’re already in top 8 or have no chance of making it needs to stop if Magic is ever going to become more popular as a spectator game. Sorry for your friend, though; hope he makes it next time.

  18. Weren’t there articles published on this site a few months ago criticizing some unknown player for not scooping and ensuring a known player made the top 8? I seem to remember reading multiple of them, but I can’t remember what event it was for.

    I think scooping is ridiculous, but it is even more ridiculous if the community is going to have a double standard about when it is expected and when it is not.

  19. If The Boss got 9th then obviously he was playing to put him into top8……I dont see how you guys dont get that?

  20. @ soppi: no worries. I agree with you. I think people should stop ID in the last round. Still it´s legal so people will do it but I think it would be better for the game if people played it out.

    And it was misstake to begin with anyway, I didn´t really make myself clear about not being serious about the thing. I really think LSV did the right thing to play for it, ironicly he now got to face RDW so it´s possible he would have ben better for his chances to ID instead.

    Some interesting matches in this top8 though so this could be fun compared to the top8 at worlds.

  21. first of, congrats to LSV.

    second, I’m also waiting for Gerry’s article, bashing LSV like he did with the “random dutch guy” who didn’t scoop Oli into the t8. (I’m not saying that LSV should have scooped/ID’ed. It’s always OK to play for whatever reason you want)

    third, nice to see a swede do good. Next time Elfgren i hope you make it all the way.

  22. So MB wanted LSV to dreamcrush HIMSELF for not making history in the PT. where is the facepalm smile?

  23. it’s ok lsv…i still think your the best

    just some bad draws there…i think you were robbed

    good luck in the future.

  24. What an anticlimax =(

    I thought LSV would take it when The Esperdeck was knocked out but doubble mulligan. Such a shame that´s how it had to end.

    And it seems likely that we will have a Jund mirror in the finals, could it be any more boring then that =|

  25. LSV is the best, no matter what. Just bad luck at the wrong moment. Hope the WW guy wins this now, since Jund sucks…

  26. wow I cant believe so many people supporting you LSV, I dont congratulate you on your record since we all know what u are capable of but getting all this support from all round the world is something difficult to achieve…keep it up

  27. Yeah, getting manascrewed is a pretty frustrating way to lose.

    Amazing tournament though, and you still have most of a year to go!

  28. **** happens.. not much to do in that situation.
    Great playing otherwise LSV!

    …..Mirror-jund in the finals? Didn’t we just get a new set??

  29. I put my life on hold to watch the coverage today and I was heartbroken for you Luis.
    Chin up. You are looked up to.
    Respect from Woodland,CA

  30. LSV with Boss Naya for the win, that tournament should have been your’s. But sometimes the back-to-back mulligans prevent that from happening. I was cheering for you and the Boss the entire way!! You and the Boss did great and I wish Team Fireball good luck in the future.

  31. unlucky draws in a slightly unfavored matchup put such a nice streak to a end :<. A jund deck deserved to win a PT though it already got robbed of a win at worlds and now it got it’s payback

  32. Such a shame LSV lost. I don’t approve of an entire “team” to be using one awesome deck (Boss Naya) any more than I approve of one ridiculously annoying standard deck that any [email protected]©˙[email protected] can play (Jund), but I was still seriously rooting for the guy. Gotta respect a dude that amazing at Magic.

  33. I know LSV chose the deck he did for a variety of reasons, but it still surprises me that he didn’t take some kind of blue deck rockin 4 Jace TMS.

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  35. Well done, Luis. Way to make it into the Hall of Fame and to prove you are the best player in the world right now.

    Unfortunately the deck you’ve chosen has this small problem of not being able to beat certain Jund hands… and your opponent did have those precise type of hands in games 2, 3 and 4. Obviously mulligans and mana problems don’t help either, but what do you know.

    Anyhow – the win is still epic. Good games!

  36. I hate when matches end this way. It doesn’t even come down to mistakes or errors or anything, other than “screw.” It’s like watching a boring super bowl when one team blows out the other. Anyways, LSV, you still made history, and I hope you don’t blame yourself for what happened in those last few games. Shalom.

  37. Congrats on breaking Fuller’s record…and for proving that you are still the best active player in the game right now! As everyone else has mentioned, it’s hard to win 100% of the time in a game like Magic because there is that random element that can not be mitigated completely (even by a true master of the game such as yourself). If we wanted to play a game based solely on skill level, we’d all be playing chess. But, Magic > Chess.

  38. If you think him dream crushing people had ANYTHING to do with “making pro tour history” or any other such thing, you are incredibly naive. It had nothing to do with that. He was attempting to get his team mates into the top 8 by knocking people out of contention that are ahead of them.

  39. @Bane: Obviously it had something to do with making PT history.

    It would probably have ben more beneficial for LSV to just concede the last 3 rounds to get some good karma (and possible a favour back in a later PT from any of those people)

    Going through a swiss with perfect record is a major accomplishment and something to be proud of and my guess is he played the games out because of that more then anything else.

    Sad end to a great run, personly I was hopeing it would end in the semis but not agaisnt the Jundplayer and not the way it did. Still an awsome tournament by LSV, almost had flash backs from the Days of Kai there.

  40. I think playing for the 19-0 is a no brainer, I dont remember who won every single pt but I don’t think I’ll ever forget seeing luis 16-0.
    Until someone gets that 19-0 or goes 16-0 and makes it to the finals surpassing lsv’s semifinals finish here, I think this has to be considerd the greatest individual performance at a pro tour of all time.

  41. @MB – The next time someone else is on a record breaking XX-0 streak at a PT and they get paired against LSV… they can dreamcrush him too. What goes around… for now I understand and if I were his opp I might suggest an ID but not expect it given the record books.

    10 years from now Pro Tour winners are forgotten (who won the PT LA? PT New york? Don’t remember? Neither do I) but amazing runs like this always will.

    Congratz LSV, sorry your luck ran out at some point (at least you didn’t punt, amirite?).

  42. Yeah, it was pretty heart breaking seeing his streak end like that, and as much as I congratulate Simon, it made it even more of a bummer that his streak ended to a pretty generic jund deck. Man, the final would have been so exciting if it had been LSV vs. Wescoe, two players playing rather oddball decks, who I both consider to be two particularly strategic players.

  43. February: I allready said two or three times that I think LSV did the right thing to play it out, if he dream crushed a few people so be it..

    I´m against IDíng in the first place so I´m glad he decided to play, but for future tournamnets it´s possible that concedeing round 14-16 would have served him better but if he had done that he would not have had the awsome streak.

    I do not agree on that other statement though made by you or Ben Stark I asume.
    I think Kai will always be remembered as the best player ever and the player that forced WotC to change the rules for fantasy PT. However I don´t think LSV´s 17-0 will be remembered or talked about 3 years from now. It will if he goes on to be one of the all time great (I know some people think he is allready but 3 top8´s and 1 win doesn´t merit HoF to me even though I´m sure LSV will reach more top 8´s in the future) or if he had won. But as it is he did not win and in the end it´s the win that counts even if it was an amazing streak.

    It´s hard to comapre though I think it´s a greater achievement to go 14-1 in limited for example (4x 3-0 and one 2-1) then 15-0 in constructed

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