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  1. If they take the angel off then I won’t be embarrassed to actually use it in front of other people. If not, I’ll just cut her off

  2. God, this is horrendous. Random manga steampunk angel? Smoking a cigar? Lucky dice? American flag?

    What on earth does this have to do with anything?

  3. Its a Texas flag, of which Austin is the capital. Other than that, I can see nothing to do with Magic.

  4. Wow, did they hire someone from the marketing department of EA to come up with this. A horrible product that also is a politically correct nightmare. A double loss! Time to drop imo.

  5. This looks like the image for the new RK Post Legion Sleeves. I wouldn’t be surprised if Legion was the TO for the grand prix, and this was sort of a tie in to promote there new line of sleeves.

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that this is an awful looking mat. But at least attendees get a mat. The grand prix here in denver only gave us a crappy deck box.

  6. PS> I appreciate incorporating the Texas State flag into the mat, but since when is the Texas flag pink? Ugh…

  7. I think you guys are all being very mean. I, for one, applaud their use of a mentally-challenged model. That’s very progressive and I think you guys are all horrible people for making fun of the handicapped.

  8. Concerned Individual

    ChannelFireball, your name and logo are on this thing. I suggest you do everything in your power to make a change, or at least let Wizards know how embarrassed you (presumably) are to be associated with this art.

  9. The playmat is a steampunk lightning angel smoking a cigar with fuzzy dice hanging off a mace with “finisher gently” standing in front of a texas flag. So why all the whining? The image is no more obnoxious than any thing that’s ever come out of texas, the state willing to send retarded people to the electric chair.

  10. How did this get to be News? And are those links in the tabs next to the News tab supposed to do something?

  11. that is not the Texas state flag; star too big, stripes too long.

    composition of the artwork on the mat is also horrible.

  12. I don’t get what this has to do with anything… how about some cool Magic design? lol..

    bad bad bad

  13. Yeah, thats awful. I agree with Derbe though: Playmats are always pretty embarassing, but like others said, the 2011 states mats look AMAZING. Just high quality artwork, something I’d want to own for the art’s sake, although I’d never use it. This…makes me feel ashamed to be seen at an event giving it out.

  14. I don’t understand why some TOs can get Wizards artwork and some don’t. I get so confused when I see a random art image for Magic playmats…..they should have Magic cards/characters on them.

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