FNM Card for March: Wall of Omens

This photo is of the MTGO version of the promo.

10 thoughts on “FNM Card for March: Wall of Omens”

  1. Well, it’s not spun in gold or anything… But how would you paint a wall of omen? I mean.. it’s omens. Maybe this wall is made of bad omens? 🙂

  2. Where was this promo last year when Jund was everywhere and wall of omens was a 4 of in uw or uwr control decks?

  3. This looks much more ominous than the original art. It almost looks like it should be a white infect card from MBS.

  4. yeah, that art is perfectly fine, it just looks really fucked up because its the MTGO version, should look better when it actually gets printed but they definitely should have made this the FNM months ago when it was actually played. I wonder how many people would rather have squadron hawks right now, that would just be absolutely amazing

  5. I still feel like they should put rares as Promo’s to make it easier to bling out decks and lower the cost of chase rares (maybe Oracle, Stoneforge, or Goblin Guide, for example), but anyways…. The card looks decent, and would have been nice a while back. At least the FNM Bloodbraid Elf came out when it was still useful : )

  6. This card may be relevant in the next extended season when alara block is the oldest and the decks are standard ’09-’10 decks

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