Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning

Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning comes out November 19, 2010

Included so far we have:

–Ball Lightning


–Jaya Ballard, Task Mage

–Jackal Pup

–Chain Lightning

19 thoughts on “Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning”

  1. Yeah wizards should never reprint anything because it’s super rad for a common burn spell to be ten bucks and dual lands to be eighty.

  2. Foiling cards which have never been foiled before is bad?


    I don’t want this hobby to be all about dropping money (oh wait it already is).

    If anything wizards needs to get rid of mythics or at least stop making them the only good cards in the set.

    Seriously if you’re going to be butthurt about chainlightning getting sweet new art and being foil get out. I know I’m getting this for my cube. You don’t want it? Vote with your dollar, don’t buy it. If nobody buys these wizards will stop making them. Oh wait they’re incredibly popular too bad for you!

  3. I don’t know if it will ruin the price of Chain Lightning, considering a playset (~$40) is worth more than the MSRP of F&L. Sellers will simply sell the boxed set for more than $34.99. That being said, it will probably take a dip in price.

  4. @Pyro

    Since you don’t know, and nobody else seems to get it, the currently VERY low rare prices (fetchlands, DoJ, manlands) are a direct result of the mythic status. If you played back in shadowmoor, you would remember cryptic command costing an upward of seventeen, and bitterblossom being around 20. The most expensive rare right now tops out at around nine dollars, which promotes new players to build better decks, for less expense to them.

    It has always been extremely expensive to play competitively, and if you really are a magic fan, you will accept that.

    The point of mythics is to drive the price of casual play down, by limiting the amount of expensive cards that need to be thrown into decks, and these said mythic cards can all be fairly easily replaced, whereas before mythics, there was no way a person getting into magic could even dream of stomping the fairie player at his local FNM. This isn’t true anymore.

    People really need to understand the relation between mythic and rare prices before whining about them constantly.

  5. @insane_bubble

    At least then you had as good of a chance of opening Bitterblossom as any other rare and could theoretically crack it more often. Not to mention you can’t trade 15 $5 rares, even staples for 1 Jace the Mindsculptor. Rares are easy to get, chase Mythics are not. I could trade 4 $5 cards for a Bitterblossom. You have to either crack or buy chase mythics, trading for them is nearly impossible.

  6. I wasn’t necessarily whinning… as i only spent about $8 each on the playset of chain lightnings I have. I was just wondering if i should possibly dump them before they dip and re-buy them later if I need them. Also, I guess I am not a fan of these foil reprints, mostly because I prefer the original foil or version of the card. I personally rather have a legends version of chain lightning in my cube.

    And magic is about dropping money, therefore its smart to be cautious when something like this arises, because you get more value out of your money spent and in terms of your collection.

  7. The task mage is a lame addition due to the fact she came with walmart random three packs for a while.

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  9. @Bretweed

    Very very true, but at least you only have to snag 4 Jace to make a deck wonderful, and the rest comes easily. I suppose it’s kind of like a double edged sword, in a way, but my post was supposed to be information, I apologize if I sounded like a total dick-nugget.


    I wasn’t referring to you, and I apologize for the harsh nature of my post, I totally understand where you’re coming from, but when people say that mythics are ruining the magic economy, most of them have no idea what kind of impact mythics make at all.

  10. Oh no problem, I actually was replying and addressing the comment pyro made. I have no problem with mythics. I guess i meant to say “butthurt” instead of “whine.” I don’t think mythics are ruining anything. I mean, i understand that some people are frustrated that certain cards are $80 but i really don’t have a problem with it. I think certain cards should be that way. I think it makes cracking packs much more fun even though i solely buy singles at this point. Also, i think cards would lose their value and appeal if the market was flooded with them, driving their price down.

  11. @Wyrath: LMAO, one of the funniest comments I’ve seen in the past few months on CF 😉

  12. Many cards that have seen reprints like this have remained stable in price, or even gone up (see Sensie’s divining top, sol ring, aether vial, demonic tutor, daze, etc etc etc. I’d be shocked if this made much of a dent in chain lightnings price.

  13. Sigh, chain lightning is nice and all, but the rest have already gotten foiled. Maybe they’ll have new art? Regardless, foil mountains are nice and I’m sure there’s other cube worthy fodder in there.

  14. Both are going to retain significant value. People want these either for the new frame and/or foil factor, and people are still going to want the others for old frame and/or prestige factor. Well-chosen card in my opinion.

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