Final Two MPR Cards – Searing Blaze & Treasure Hunt

25 thoughts on “Final Two MPR Cards – Searing Blaze & Treasure Hunt”

  1. The cards aren’t to exciting but the art is fantastic. Wizards always gets the best illustrators. I only wish we got to see more textless cards from Raymond Swanland.

  2. Does anyone know when these are suppose to be shipping out, sad that I am at 18 tokens for this quarter instead of 20 🙁

  3. I didn’t get a Treasure Hunt, but instead another Burst Lightning (which I got last time). I guess that’s fine as Burst Lightning sees more play and I don’t think I’d play a treasure hunt.

    Also got a foil textless Day of Judgment and an oversized Hero of Bladehold… not too shabby… too bad these are the last ones.

  4. No more MPR… and to celebrate, we’ll give you a closet playable in searing blaze and a piece of junk in treasure hunt.. disappointing.

  5. Maybe we will be lucky and wizards will release some premium textless decks or card collections in the future.

  6. see im so bad at magic that i dont even know what either of those cards do but i love the artwork despite the fact that ill never play them

  7. Are they trying to convince the general player base to play Pyromancer Ascension? If the blaze gets reprinted we might see more play and more value in it since it’s a decent card VS elves and other tribals, but that’s hoping and I doubt it’ll see much in Extended. There were definitely better choices and it’s sad to see the MPR go out with two under-played cards.

    I’m curious to know how the new system will work. Since they’re supporting local shops, I’m guessing there’ll be a bulk shipment of Textless or reward cards (FNM style?) and it’ll be the responsibility of the shop and players to record and track the number of tournaments that they’re in and thent he cards be given appropriately. Or if something like the top 4 will receive benefits. Either way, I’m sure there’ll be shops that hand them out like candy. Sadness.

  8. I got two foil DoJs, two Hunts, a Blaze, a Burst Lightning and a Blightning. Oh, and an oversized Glissa.

  9. My first and only player reward.
    Oversized Hero of Bladehold,
    Foil Day of Judgement
    Burst Lightning
    Treasure Hunt

    And now what? They /might/ start to ship out more cards to stores for promos?
    How are the stores going to divvy them up.

    I feel like shipping to me is a much better system, certainly less arbitrary when/if Wizards starts to ship more promos to shops.

  10. ive personally witnessed the corruption, incompetence and politics involved in local stores that sanction fnm’s i really dont understand why wizards want to put moar goodies in the hands of local stores as a way of supporting fnm when you need to go to fnms to get your player rewards from wizards anyhow,

  11. I got 2 blightnings and 2 bit blasts to go along with these. Should look nice since my jund seems to be half-pimped but needs a little more push, and I love the art on these.

  12. Wonder if this was a mistake, as I’ve only been to a dozen or two tournaments since the last mailing, but I ended up with:
    2 Day of Judgment
    Rampant Growth
    3 Searing Blaze
    Doom Blade
    Flame Javelin
    Celestial Purge
    4 Treasure Hunt
    Oversized Hero of Bladehold

    3 sleeves with 2 cards each, one with about 10. Anyone else end up with a similar number of cards?

  13. Oversized Hero

    2x Foil DoJ ( got 1 on the previous mailing too! )
    3x searing blaze
    2x treasure hunt
    Sign in Blood
    Negate ( YES )

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