ChannelFireball $5K Championship Tournament Coverage

Congratulations to Philip Yam for winning the Spring Series 5k!


Top 8 Decklists

Video coverage of the Top 8

Finals – Philip Yam vs Ellis Edmunds
Semifinals – Ellis Edmunds vs. Orie Guo
Quarterfinals – Kurt Kalbus vs. Philip Yam

Video: Deck Tech with Jeff Huang
Video: Deck Tech with Philip Yam
Video: Deck Tech with Orie Guo
Video: Deck Tech with Greg Hatch
Video: Deck Tech with Richard Meier
Video: Deck Tech with Grant Gardiner

Round 8 Feature Match – Willie Mcfall vs. Tom Raney
Round 7 Feature Match – Ellis Edmunds vs. Dane Roybal
Round 6 Feature Match – Philip Yam vs. Cassius Weathersby
Round 5 Feature Match – Richard Meier vs. Willie Mcfall
Round 4 Feature Match – Luis Scott-Vargas vs Jeff Huang
Round 3 Feature Match – Brent Peterson vs Tristan Blowe
Round 2: Feature Match – Sam Pardee vs. Josh Utter-Leyton
Round 1: Feature Match – Jeff Huang vs. Brett Allen
Round 4 Standings
Round 3 Standings
Round 2 Standings
Round 1 Standings
Photo Gallery
>> Breakdown of the $1K Friday LCQ

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  1. Would be nice to have a top8 decklist. 😉 That way it’s easier to tell what’s going on in the coverage itself.

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