2010 Holiday Promo – Snow Mercy

25 thoughts on “2010 Holiday Promo – Snow Mercy”

  1. I haven’t played with No Mercy, but I think it gets bashed more than it deserves. If you’re a control deck capable of repeating life gain, what is an aggro deck going to do? Alpha strike you? There’s no way they can do that unless you have absolutely nothing going on.

  2. They are given out to Wizard’s employees only, so you probably won’t get hold of one 🙂 (at least that’s how it has been with previous holiday cards, so I assume it’s the same this year). But some tend to find their ways to dealers sooner or later.

  3. @rex

    Good thing relic putrescence targets only artifacts. 🙂

    I love the flavor the card creates…kinda wish I worked for wizards 🙂

  4. I own All the King’s Men Chess & Games in Pitman, NJ and I just now open my holiday promo pack from WotC as an expression of their “gratitude” for being one of their sales accounts. Include in this promo pack was one (1) Snow Mercy holiday promo card. I will most likely make it a prize at one of our MtG events. FYI.

  5. just once i would like wizards to really break a holiday promo card – since they are playable in casual formats like edh and the cube – e.g. one black sorcery search your library for a card and put it into your hand etc. – why not, it would really help out this type of promo

  6. @james
    look at mise, perfect example of a card that would be totally broken in a normal mtg enviroment. It’s not the only one too.

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