Round 1 Feature Match: Tristan Shaun Gregson vs. Carl Mesmer

Round 1’s feature match showcases Magic TV’s very own Tristan Shaun Gregson facing off against Carl Mesmer. TSG’s had an auspicious start, winning the die roll and electing to go first. Both players kept their opening seven, and TSG started the action off with a turn 2 Chalice, leading to a windmill slam turn 3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor which he used to Brainstorm without a moment’s hesitation. Mesmer’s only replies were turn 2 and 3 Wall of Omens. TSG turned up the heat with yet another planeswalker, Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas, which dug him into a Tumble Magnet to fortify his defenses. Mesmer eventually got onto the board in a big way with Honor of the Pure and Squadron Hawk, digging up a squadron of winged friends. Meanwhile Jace and Tezzeret combined to plow through TSG’s deck (and his dice collection), as Ratchet Bomb was the answer Tezzeret offered up to handle the airborne assault. An Inquisition of Kozilek from TSG revealed Condemns and Baneslayer Angels aplenty, leaving him to take Black Suns Zenith. Gregson played a Myr Battlesphere, counted up 10 artifacts, activated Inkmoth Nexus just to be sure, and Tezzeret’s ultimate handed him game 1 with a 22-point Drain Life.

Tristan Shaun Gregson 1, Carl Mesmer 0

TSG’s Sideboard changes:

-2 Doom Blade
-1 Blightsteel Colossus

+2 Black Sun’s Zenith
+1 Mindslaver

Mesmer began game 2 with a trip to Paris while TSG was content to stay. Mesmer’s 6 looked no better, leaving him in the unenviable position of playing down a game with 5 cards on the play. Running Wall of Omens helped him recoup some of the card disadvantage, as TSG once again played turn 2 accelerator into turn 3 planeswalker, though this time it was Tezzeret that showed early to the party. Mesmer could only sit back and watch as TSG increased his board with a Kuldotha Forgemaster, and an Inquisition revealed the reason for Mesmer’s lack of action: 2 Go for the Throats and a Black Suns Zenith, none of which would be of much help here. TSG was content to turn his seemingly harmless mana rocks into lumbering animated boulders of doom and get in the red zone. He turned up the heat even further by stoking the forge, using some excess artifacts to search up a Myr Battlesphere, which, with the damage from its trigger alone was able to attack for more than was necessary to end game 2 on the ensuing turn.

Tristan Shaun Gregson 2, Carl Mesmer 0

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