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I am a Magic: the Gathering deckbuilder first, and a Magic: the Gathering player second. This has a lot of benefits.

It allows me to emotionally divest from my own results while investing in the community. I might work on ONE deck for an entire season. I might practice with it for a work week—for two months. And I might not win any tournaments with it. But, other people might pick up the deck. They might get back in the game because of it. They might play in tournaments because of it. And they might WIN because of it.

That’s the joy deckbuilding brings to me. It allows me to invest in the community, to offer alternatives, to offer something exciting and different. And I get a lot back.

People DO jump on the decks. They DO play because of it. And they DO win. But, more important than any of that, the decks become theirs. Not mine. THEIRS. Which means they aren’t attached to the cards I’m attached to. They have no problem cutting ‘em right out. Which means the decks get better and better.

So, when I start building a deck, and I put time into developing it, I know I am becoming part of something greater than myself.

This week, I’d like to talk about decks I’ve developed and worked on around the web. I see you guys out there working as well, and I’m not about taking all the credit for myself.

Modern Izzet Blitz

[draft]Nivix Cyclops[/draft]

Over the past couple weeks, some have asked about porting the Izzet Blitz deck to Modern. My response has been to tell them to Google “Gerry Thompson + [card]Nivmagus Elemental[/card].”

After all, if you’re going to go [card]Kiln Fiend[/card] combo in Modern, why not use Gerry’s list from the Pro Tour? I mean, the deck was okay, and it did okay, but I wasn’t particularly interested in trying it myself. So go check it out!

Well, my attitude has changed after seeing this:

So how is this deck better than Elemental combo/Infect/Affinity/RG Aggro? Well, it’s just a different deck, which is exciting! It’s something brand new, that appears to have been spawned by Izzet Blitz, which appears to have been spawned by Nivix Cyclops.

This deck has a bunch of creatures that kill on the spot, a lot of ways to protect them, and a lot of ways to disrupt the opponent’s creatures. This is a SWEET new Modern deck, and I’m excited to give it a try at some point.

Green Money Sighting

[draft]Vernal Bloom[/draft]

Somewhere in the world P Diddy is counting through a stack of hunneds. Somewhere in the world a Magic player is counting through a stack of hunned green mana.

I did a double-take when I saw that this 4-0’d a Daily. The deck was built primarily for hilarity. Winning was second. Keksy seemed to disagree, as the 4-0 shows.

Now, I still think this deck is okay, but it’s pleasing to see people take up the mantle of this deck that was originally kicked into gear by Collin Mustain. The deck has life!

Living End

[draft]Living End[/draft]

Although my name will always be connected to Living End and Living End will always be connected to me, the deck has been out of my hands for a while. Now, it’s a lot of people’s decks. A lot of people believe in it, and a lot of people work on it. I see you guys!

Personally, there are some cards in here I still wouldn’t play, but that’s the beauty of it. This player believes his build is correct, I believe my build is correct, and competition emerges. A better deck is created.

Now, this list in particular doesn’t have any innovations from the new set, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.

[draft]Sin Collector[/draft]

[card]Sin Collector[/card] seems AWESOME in Living End. Probably not in the main. Probably at the back of the sideboard. But if it’s in the 75 at all, that’s big news. The card can attack all kinds of decks, as we’ve seen in Standard, and it fits in perfectly here. It might die, it might not, but the ability to remove their best card, gain perfect information, and add a body to the field is invaluable.

The next time I go to play with Living End, I will have [card]Sin Collector[/card] in my 75 FOR SURE.

Izzet Blitz Updates

[draft]Nivix Cyclops[/draft]

I’ve continued to play LOTS of this deck Online, and my winning hasn’t slowed at all. I’ve been happy to hear many tales of tournament success with the deck. I’ve also been happy to hear about how you have changed the deck, and that it is now “much more consistent.” While I don’t necessarily agree, I’m glad that you believe this, as now we will find out one way or another.

The deck improves!

This is the configuration I’ve been running, to devastating results. The deck feels so clean, as we are back to all 4-ofs. I’ve fallen in love with [card]Feeling of Dread[/card], as it can buy a ton of time or force through lethal. It provides so much gas, as our [card]Thought Scour[/card]s and 8 Looting effects allow us to churn through our deck while fueling our graveyard.

I have been sideboarding less and less with this configuration and continuing to win. I’m excited to see what y’all can do with it! Whether that means taking down your next PTQ with this, or building your own version and taking down your next PTQ with it!

The Future

So many people have been writing to me about this card that I have to address it now.

[card]Dark Confidant[/card], [card]Tarmogoyf[/card], [card]Stoneforge Mystic[/card], [card]Snapcaster Mage[/card]… and YOUNG PYROMANCER!

Yes, I think this card completes that cycle. That’s a wild idea, as that list includes the best creatures of all time, in all formats.

Well, I think that’s what this card will do. Obviously it fits into the Izzet Blitz deck. Obviously it could put the [card]Battle Hymn[/card] combo deck on the map. But what else? This card could spawn all kinds of new decks and archetypes strictly to abuse it.

I seriously think it’s that good. I’d love to put my stamp on this card, but I know a thousand other players are already drooling over it, and that’s okay. It’s obviously good. What’s not obvious is how it will be used, when it will be used, where it will be used, and what it will win. But it will!!

Around the Web

It really is a dream come true watching so many decks that I have poured work into continue to involve and improve without me. I am happy to share as much credit as possible, as the community not only puts in so much work… but literally feeds me. THANK YOU! You guys rock!



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