Wizard is a common creature type in MTG, but we haven’t really had competitive Wizard decks. Sure, Voidmage Prodigy and Patron Wizard decks have existed, but they haven’t exactly been good. Now, with Dominaria, this could finally change thanks to Adeliz, the Cinder Wind.

Adeliz, the Cinder Wind is a very, very powerful card. A 2/2 flying, haste, prowess for 3 mana isn’t even bad for an aggressive deck, and the potential to burst them down in one turn if you have other Wizard is tremendous.

Consider the following curve:

Turn 1, Soul-Scar Mage
Turn 2, any 2-mana Wizard with 1 power, attack for 1 (19)
Turn 3, Adeliz, the Cinder Wind, attack for 4 (15)
Turn 4, Any spell (say, Opt), Lightning Strike (12), attack for 12.

This isn’t an absurd start by any stretch, and gets your opponent dead on turn 4 with mana to spare.

Or how about this start:

Turn 1: Siren Stormtamer
Turn 2: Spellweaver Eternal, attack for 1 (19)
Turn 3: Attack for 3 (16). At end of the turn, flash in Nimble Obstructionist
Turn 4: Adeliz, the Cinder Wind. Cast Wizard’s Lightning (13). Attack for 13

This also doesn’t require much, and kills them out of nowhere. Three of those creatures have flying, and the other one deals 2 damage if they block it, so even if they have a blocker they’ll end the turn at 2 life and their blocker will likely die.

Other than Adeliz, there are also a couple of new Wizard synergies in the set. Wizard’s Lightning is going to be excellent in any deck playing Wizards, and is exactly the card you want to pump your creatures without spending a lot of mana. Between Wizard’s Lightning, the other burn spells, and all of the flyers, the deck is going to have a lot of reach even in the late game. Wizard’s Lightning also happens to be the best card to copy with Naru Meha, Master Wizard, if you want to play that. Naban, Dean of Iteration also has Wizard synergies, though there isn’t a whole lot to duplicate other than Naru Meha’s copying ability (though it would be pretty sweet to get three Lightning Bolts for one red).

Finally, there’s Wizard’s Retort, the Wizard Counterspell. It can be very good if you’re an aggro-control deck, Faeries-style, but for a more aggressive Adeliz deck you’d want more proactive spells that you can cast while you attack.

The biggest tension in a Wizards deck is going to be how many creatures versus how many spells. You want Wizards so that Adeliz (and Naru Meha, Master Wizard) can pump them, but you also want cheap spells, because some of the Wizards have prowess and Adeliz has mega prowess.

Here are the best Wizards you can play in Standard:





You’ll notice that there aren’t a whole lot of great 2-drops, unfortunately—the best one is Silvergill Adept, which you probably can’t play in a Wizard deck. The second best is Resilient Khenra, which is green. For the time being, you probably have to branch out to other tribes to find good 2-drops, though there’s still a good portion of the set to be spoiled, so we can hope for a good 2-drop Wizard in the future. I also think that if you’re playing a very aggressive deck, Hazoret the Fervent is probably better than Naru Meha, though this could change depending on what new Wizards are spoiled.

This is how I’d build a Wizards deck to start:



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