Wizards Announces Creator Program

Yesterday the Magic: The Gathering Creator Program was announced. The program, in partnership with StreamElements, is designed to help content creators – specifically streamers – “create engaging content”.

The program will offer rewards and incentives for participating in Challenges – objectives to be met. An original version of the article cited a 12-hour stream as one such award. This particular element was met with backlash around promoting unhealthy behavior. Other Challenges are geared towards in-game tasks, including removing a creature in a specific manner. During the launch, awards will be gem codes (for Arena). Other rewards will be made available via the Promotions Page once they are determined. Applications are currently available via Stream Elements.

Participants in the Creator Program are eligible for the Greenlight Fund. The $1,000,000 fund will award grants, ranging from $5,000 to $250,000 for different content projects in the vein of Game Knights, Friday Nights, and What the Deck. Proposals will need to include a pitch containing advertising plans, budget plans, goals, and an overall business plan. Applications for the Greenlight Fund are not open at this time.



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