William Craddock and Akira Asahara Win Players Tour Online

The latter half of the Magic Players Tour Online took place this past weekend. After the first two were both won by Temur Wilderness Reclamation decks, all eyes were on Arena to see if a new contender could rise the challenge.

Players Tour Online 3 was up first. While Temur Reclamation was the second most popular Day One deck – Bant Ramp had one more entry in Day One – but it converted to be the most popular deck on Day Two. In the end two players – Logan Nettles and Rei Hirayama – made the Top 8 with Temur Reclamation. Also making the final rounds were Issac Egan and William Craddock on Jund Sacrifice, Ben Stark on Orzhov Yorion (the breakout deck of the tournament), Dennis Chan on Bant Ramp, Joshua Chan on Rakdos Sacrifice, and Iurii Babych on Sultai Ramp.

The finals saw William Craddock square off against Rei Hirayama. It came down to the third and final game but Craddock came out on top. At least for one day, Temur Reclamation was held at bay by an army of undead cats.

William Craddock - Jund Sacrifice - Winner Players Tour Online 3

Could Temur Reclamation be held at bay in Players Tour Online 4? The Top 8 had four copies of the deck – piloted by Alexander Hayne, Akira Asahara, Arne Huschenbeth, and Tomasz Sodomirski. Thomas White and Gabriel Nassif both took Azorius Control to the Top 8 while Bant Ramp took the final two slots in the hands of Pesach Israeli and Thomas Hendriks. The finals pitted Thomas White against Akira Asahara. The long time Japaense Pro and deck builder emerged victorious, taking down the tournament with Temur Reclamation.


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