What’s the Play?

Welcome to What’s the Play, a new column that I’ll be writing each week. Part 1 will have a scenario, and you get to figure out what you would do in that scenario, and post your answer in the comments. I’ll follow up with what I would do in part 2 and why, walking you through the different decisions and why I chose the one I did. Most of these will be from situations I actually found myself in while playing, though some will be drawn from interesting plays I’ve seen, and every now and then I may even fabricate the situation entirely.

Let’s get to it!

The Deck

You are playing the Esper Dragons deck (because you are smart, and it’s by far the best deck in Standard). Here is the list, which coincidentally is the list I’ve been playing online, and would play if I had a tournament this weekend:

The Situation

You are playing against Abzan Aggro, and they were on the play. They played turn two Fleecemane Lion, and after hitting you for 3, played a Rakshasa Deathdealer, and passed the turn without playing a land.

Them: Sandsteppe Citadel, Forest, Deathdealer, Fleecemane (tapped), 20 life.

You: Temple of Deceit, Swamp (both tapped), 17 life.


You are casting Anticipate at the end of their turn three.

Your Hand:

Here are the three cards you see with Anticipate:

The Question

What do you take with Anticipate?

Post your answer in the comments below, or Tweet your answer @ChannelFireball.

I’ll be back on Sunday with what I took, why, and how that ended for me.



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