What’s the Play? Vintage TPS

Welcome to a rare Vintage What’s the Play? which was sent in by one of my new teammates, Andrea Mengucci.

Deck List: Vintage TPS

You sideboarded as so:



The Situation

Your board:

Your hand:

It’s the start of your main phase, and you have zero cards in your graveyard. Your opponent has no mana untapped, so they are shut down completely by the Defense Grid. They are at 20 life.

You can win this turn.

What’s the Play?

Have a sweet scenario of your own? If you think you can stump the readers (and me) then send it to [email protected]*, or via Twitter—just send a screenshot @LSV and I’ll be happy to take a look!

*Please keep your answers in the comments below, and not in my email inbox—I love reading through these responses, but I wouldn’t want to lose any good submissions amid the answers. Thanks!


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