What’s the Play? Modern Death’s Shadow

It’s time for another What’s the Play? this time involving Death’s Shadow Aggro in Modern. It’s always an interesting deck for these exercises, and this particular scenario is a good one. It came up for Julien during an MTGO PTQ in a post-board game against Dredge.

The Situation

Click to immensify.

Note that there is a Vengeful Pharaoh in the opponent’s graveyard, as that makes this an interesting puzzle indeed.

What’s the Play?


Have a sweet scenario of your own? If you think you can stump the readers (and me) then send it to [email protected]*, or via Twitter—just send a screenshot @LSV and I’ll be happy to take a look!

*Please keep your answers in the comments below, and not in my email inbox—I love reading through these responses, but I wouldn’t want to lose any good submissions amid the answers. Thanks!

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