What’s the Play? Guilds of Ravnica Edition

Welcome to What’s the Play! Here’s how it works: I provide a scenario and you try to determine the correct solution. Once you do, vote your choice in the poll and check back later in the week to see if it agrees with mine.

Scenario #1

You drafted this sweet Boros deck.

You’re on the play and your opening hand is:

Situation #2

You’re playing Modern Spirits and you’re on the play versus Humans. You mulligan and lead with Noble Hierarch, your opponent leads with Cavern of Souls naming Humans, and an Aether Vial.

You draw, play your second land, and this is your hand:

So your board is two lands (all colors) + Noble Hierarch, and their board is Cavern of Souls + Aether Vial.

Situation #3

You’re playing Spirits, and you’re on the draw in game 1 versus U/W Control. Your opening hand is:

Situation #4

You’re playing Spirits versus Burn. You’re on the play and your opening hand is:

You scry a Collected Company to the top and lead with Misty Rainforest.

Situation #5

Imagine the exact same scenario, except your opponent plays Goblin Guide. Now you have the option of fetching before the Goblin Guide trigger resolves to potentially draw an extra card.

Situation #6

You’re playing Guilds of Ravnica Draft and you have a Golgari deck that is splashing blue for two copies of Artful Takedown. You don’t have a lot of late game or expensive cards, but there’s a copy of Affectionate Indrik on top of your deck that you’ve already seen (the Giant, the Siege Wurm, and the Bounty of Might that you milled).

You play a turn-3 Glowspore Shaman and mill these 3 cards:

Situation #7

You’re playing the same B/G/u deck. This is your hand:

Barrier of Bones is your only surveil card.

Situation #8

You’re playing the same deck (remember that you have a Blood Operative in your deck). You mulligan, and your opponent leads with Selesnya Guildgate. This is your hand:

Situation #9

You’re playing a Boros deck in Guilds of Ravnica Draft. Your deck has eight 2-drops. You’re on the play, you mulligan to 6, and this is your opening hand:

You keep and scry to see Sworn Companions.

Situation #10

You’re playing B/G in Standard, and you’re on the play against an unknown opponent. Your opening hand is:


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