What’s the Play? – GB Elves in Magic Origins Draft

This week’s play is brought to you by none other than Pro Tour statistician Paul Jordan.

The Situation

You are in game 2 of a match of Origins draft, and you saw multiple copies of Disperse in game 1. Here’s the board:


(Click to Titanic Growth this image.)

You just successfully resolved Aerial Volley, killing (appropriately enough) an Aspiring Aeronaut and a Thopter.

What’s the Play?

Have a sweet scenario of your own? If you think you can stump the readers (and me) then send it to [email protected]*, if I feature your submission, you’ll win $25 store credit at ChannelFireball.com!

*Please keep your answers in the comments below, and not in my email inbox—I love reading through these responses, but I wouldn’t want to lose any good submissions amid the answers. Thanks!

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