What’s the Play? Digging against Dragons

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Instead of Kolaghan’s Command, this week I have a scenario that involves a different Command (depending on what you choose to do, of course). What can I say? Commands are just good, clean fun, and the presence of them leads to awesome games of Magic.

Todd S. sent in the following situation:

The Situation

You are playing Standard, using the following deck, though it is post-board (Lions and a Deathmist got taken out for removal spells).


(Click to dig in.)

You’ve already played a land, and are resolving Dig Through Time against the Naya Dragons deck, which typically has just Rattleclaw Mystic as its only morph.

What’s the Play?

Remember, I’m always on the lookout for tough play situations to solve—so if you’ve got one that you think can stump the readers (and me), send it to [email protected]. If I feature your submission, you’ll win $25 store credit at ChannelFireball.com*!


*Must have an account on ChannelFireball.com.

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