What’s the Play?

Hello! Welcome to another What’s the Play article. In this article, I’m going to go through five play situations and include a poll for you to vote on what you would have done. Later on, I’ll post my answers and my thought process.

Scenario #1

You’re playing Faeries against an unknown opponent. Your hand is:

You lead with Swamp, Inquisition, and you see:

Spoiler alert: Try to think about how the next turns are going to play out. This isn’t a spot where you’re supposed to make a snap decision.

Scenario #2

It’s game 2, and you’re playing Faeries against Abzan Company. Your opening hand is:

Scenario #3

You’re playing Temur Energy, and you’re on the draw against an unknown opponent. You mulligan to 5, and keep a hand of:

You scry and the top card is Glorybringer. Do you keep it?

Scenario #4

You’re playing Faeries (yeah, you really like Faeries) against an R/G Aggro-Vengevine build. This is the situation:

Your opponent has one card in hand. You cast Inquisition, and see that it’s a Vengevine. They have two more Vengevines in the graveyard. What’s your play?

Scenario #5

You’re playing the Temur Energy mirror. This is the situation:

Assume that you’ve already made up your mind about casting Glorybringer this turn (I think this is the correct play). You’re going to attack with the Glorybringer and exert it, killing Whirler Virtuoso. Now the question is, do you attack with anything else?



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