What’s the Pick? Unstable Pack 1 Pick 1 with Huey

Hi everyone! Welcome to Pack 1 Pick 1 with Unstable. I’m going to be honest with you here—this is not a competitive format. It’s not meant to be a competitive format. It’s supposed to be fun. So while trying to win every game is fun, sometimes you just want to assemble a Contraption or create an adorable Scorpion. I’ll probably only write a couple of these, but let’s have some fun with it!

Pack #1

My Pick

Really Epic Punch.

The augment and Host cards look to me like the most fun thing to do in Unstable. I can see taking the Ordinary Pony out of this pack, because after all, who doesn’t want to have a Pony? I have given some Savage Punches in my life, but never a Really Epic Punch. I think that if I was sitting down for my first Unstable Draft, I’d just take the Really Epic Punch and try to draft an augment deck. The Ninja looks a little weak or I’d consider taking that.

Honorable Mention: Ordinary Pony.

After taking an Ordinary Pony here, I’d be looking to Draft some hosts to make my little pony into something much larger and more fearsome.


Pack #2


Old-Fashioned Vampire.

As you can see, I would only make this pick if it’s night time, or I’m in a part of the world where it stays dark all day. I would be sure, before starting an Unstable Draft, to get an arbiter to decide whether the outside is dark enough to keep Old-Fashioned Vampire active. If it’s borderline, it might be best to take a different card. It’s hard to beat a 5/5 flying deathtouch for 5, though.

My Pick (if it’s day time): Inflation Station.

Contraptions look pretty fun, too. If you assemble a few of them and generate positive effects every turn, it’s basically like controlling a planeswalker. But it’s much more fun to “assemble Contraptions” than to cast a planeswalker. If I picked an early Contraption, I would definitely want to be able to assemble it. Looks like the Contraptions don’t come with assembly instructions, so you’ll have to find another card that will assemble it for you.


Pack #3

My Pick

Three-Headed Goblin.

Triple strike! Triple strike is pretty cool—if you have a pump spell, it will basically mean that any time the 3HG goes unblocked, you’ll win the game on the spot. Keep in mind that triple strike is: first strike, normal strike, late strike, so 3HG won’t be able to attack through a creature with at least 3 power and at least 4 toughness without help from another card (although it can trade).

Honorable Mention: Steam-Powered.

This looks like a great augment card to me. It should be able to take over the game virtually by itself, costing just 5 colorless mana to activate whichever ability the Host card may have. Take a look at this pack—Mer Man’s ability for draw a card for 5 mana would be great. Also the passive +0/+4 will make your creature much harder to kill.


Pack #4

My Pick

Baron Von Count.

This card is ridiculous! It’s not that hard to cast spells with a certain number anywhere on the card. They should have included the set number just to make it even easier. The hardest part of using Baron Von Count to win a game will be simply keeping it alive as opposed to finding the cards to win with. The Baron is also a 3/3 for 3, which is totally fine. Gold cards first pick of a draft, blah blah blah. Doom.

Honorable Mention: capital offense.

Boring—take the removal spell.


Pack #5

My Pick

Sacrifice Play.

Be careful with this card. You’ll really want to have a friend you trust around. Otherwise, you’re very likely to get needled by someone who thinks it’s funny to make your opponent sacrifice his or her worst creature instead of his or her best one. If your friends are likely to do that, maybe you ought to choose a different card.

Honorable Mention: Monkey-.

How can you pass up a Monkey? A creature augment that gives +2/+2 for only 3 mana is already a reasonable card, and the effect could be very powerful when paired with the correct Host. Also, making something like a Monkey-Shark, or Monkey-Pony, is too good to pass up.


Thanks everyone for reading. My next Magic tournament is Grand Prix New Jersey next weekend. The format is Ixalan Limited, but I’ll be in the booth. If you’re there, stop by and say hi. Good luck with Unstable.


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