What’s the Pick? Eldritch Moon Pack 1 Pick 1 with Huey

Hi everyone! Welcome back for the 2nd installment of What’s the Pick? Pack 1 Pick 1 with Eldritch Moon. The set still hasn’t released so be advised that these picks are all what I could best describe as my instinct, and what I’d do if these were the first packs I opened in the format. I will almost certainly be wrong about some, but hopefully it will help us learn together as well as giving you some insight as to how I approach a new format. I included the Honorable Mention as always, as a tool to avoid saying “take the rare!” over and over. Here are the packs:

Pack #1

My Pick

Galvanic Bombardment.

As I mentioned in the previous edition, 1-mana removal is pretty tough to come by. It wouldn’t surprise me if Galvanic Bombardment turns out to be the best common in the set, but it’s really hard to eyeball something like that before playing some matches and doing some drafts. Still, based on the information I have right now, I think this is what you should pick.

Honorable Mention: Impetuous Devils.

I have to admit that this is a pick I might end up changing after getting to try some cards. Impetuous Devils does have a lot of upside. It’s effectively a 4-mana removal spell that will usually also trample over for a fair amount of damage. The Devils are able to remove creatures with toughness up to 6, which could also prove very important. Unfortunately, they also have some major downsides. They can’t interact with a creature once it becomes tapped. Also, they are very weak to bounce spells and to removal spells from your opponent. Overall, a very good card, but I think not quite as good as Goblin Bombardment.


Pack #2

My Pick

Somberwald Stag.

My love of Somberwald Stag continues. In my previous edition, I said I thought it was likely to be the best uncommon, and better than any common. I still feel this way (it will be really unfortunate if this card sucks and I look foolish, but what can you do.) There are at least a couple cards that return creatures from your graveyard to your hand (such as Grapple with the Past, of which there is a copy in this pack), which interact extremely favorably with Somberwald Stag. At least a couple of those cards are black, so you should keep that in mind as a viable strategy going forward.

Honorable Mention: Geist of the Archives.

It’s between this and the Stitcher’s Graft. I tend to not like equipment very much in general. Stitcher’s Graft is definitely a card that is going to need to be evaluated a few times before making a final decision, but my instinct is that the drawbacks are too great. Geist of the Archives doesn’t exactly seem like a home-run first pick, but does seem like a very good card. An 0/4 for 3 with a very strong passive ability is pretty good. Lashweed Lurker also seems fairly strong, but I don’t think quite strong enough to justify taking a gold card over one of the other cards first pick first pack.


Pack #3

My Pick

Dark Salvation.

This is an easy one. The first time I read this card, I actually didn’t realize that it counted Zombies you had that weren’t created with Dark Salvation. 5 mana, kill a 2/2, and leaves you two 2/2s of your own is a great card. If you’re casting it for X>2, it becomes ridiculous. Also, for each Zombie you already control the card gets exponentially better. I would prioritize taking Zombies slightly higher after first picking this card. I suppose it’s also worth noting that Dark Salvation targets, so if you’re playing a black mirror match, you could use it as a 1-mana removal spell on an opposing Cryptbreaker, or other, larger Zombie.

Honorable Mention: Midnight Scavengers.

This is a pretty weak pack overall, aside from the rare. Midnight Scavengers is a pretty good card, though. A raise dead ability is really strong, even with the drawback of not being able to return creatures with converted mana cost >3. The Midnight Scavengers’ ability also makes it so you’re happy to play Graf Rats and trade them off early in the game so you have a target for your Scavengers ability and don’t lose anything. I like value cards like this, and although I wouldn’t be thrilled to first-pick it, I would here, if the rare didn’t exist.



My Pick

Elder Deep-Fiend.

This card is outrageous, honestly. It incentives you to play blue, but the effect is powerful enough by itself. You might even consider including it in your deck as a colorless 8-drop, though you should try to be blue. Elder Deep-Fiend will outright win the game when it is cast a large percentage of the time. Even when it doesn’t, it will typically end the game very soon after.

Honorable Mention: Incendiary Flow.

2 mana for 3 damage is great—it always has been great and likely always will be great. I really like the look of Ulvenwald Captive, too. That card is very powerful, as it has a built-in way to solve the mana-creature problem—that it’s hard to count a mana creature as a land, and it’s a wasted draw outside the first few turns of the game. Not with Ulvenwald Captive. It can even spend the mana to transform itself, which is quite good. All that being said, as I usually do, I’m going to opt for the removal spell. If this turns out to be a format where 3 damage isn’t that important, maybe the Captive will end up being the correct pick. We’ll see.



My Pick


This is the other uncommon that I think is in the running for best uncommon in the set. Nothing tricky here, though. 3-mana instant removal that can get rid of any creature, no matter how big means I would be happy to first-pick Murder out of any pack.

Honorable Mention: Alchemist’s Greeting.

Not the most interesting pack, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Without Murder, I’d take Alchemist’s Greeting as it’s the best removal spell left in the pack. Prey Upon is a good removal spell too, but I think its power varies a lot by format, depending on the toughness of other green commons, speed of the format, and how easy it is to interact with, via bounce spells and the like. Alchemists’s Greeting also has the upside of madness, which I think puts it over the top here.


Let me know what you guys thought of my picks in the comments, I’ll be back soon with more!

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