21 thoughts on “What’s The Pick? #1: LSV and Josh Utter-Leyton Debate Draft Picks”

  1. of course you dont know what your deck is going to look like….but you do have an idea of what you WANT your deck to look like, so draft towards that ideal.

  2. You should do more of these. They are excellent.

    My one complaint is the font used for the intro and the picks. I don’t really like it… too curvy? Feels sort of… low-tech? Something. I don’t like it. Could just be me.

  3. josh was REALLY quiet the whole show, i had to turn up my speakers quite a bit….

    other then that, that was an interesting show, good job

  4. Gavin Valentine

    Hey LSV,
    This is very interesting, I have learned alot from watching all your limited videos, and I love them all.
    Please do more of these and drafts!

  5. Seemed interesting but it would have been nice to see picks from all packs maybe?

    I’ve always noticed my first few picks tend to take the wheel and steer the direction the rest of my deck goes in though and I’ve often wondered if this is a bad way to draft. If thats a fine way to draft though then maybe looking at the first 1-3 choices really is a great way to discuss drafting.

    Can’t help but wonder if you guys watched the video before posting it? Josh is clearly way too quiet as a previous poster mentioned and there were people in my house sleeping. Made it hard to watch.



  6. I think all the videos are great. My only complaint is that in the interview/2 man style vids the right (viewers) channel is EXTREMELY low. I hope you guys can remedy this. Keep up the good work.

  7. Hah, I guess we should have Josh speak a little louder, although he is a pretty quiet guy in general. Glad people like these, and I look forward to doing them for m10

  8. I liked this, but I think it would be a lot more interesting if you actually cracked a pack on the scene and picked from that 🙂 Would give more insight in my opinion.

  9. Very nice. Josh was a bit hard to hear, and i constantly had my hand on the speaker adjusting it up for his parts and down for LSV’s. But other than that great video. Sadly, as much time as ive spent reading acticles about drafting SCR i havent actually been to a local draft to try out my skills. I may need to find one and go just to see what id do in some of those situations (even though i agreed with 90% of the picks you both chose). But great video, and I look foreword to ones about M10 (as the prerealease was today and the release is next week)

  10. It would be nice to have a transcript of videos for those that can’t view these videos (whether at work, no sound, whatever).

  11. yeah, definitely make more of these!
    perhaps some M10 drafting vids?

    keep up the good work

  12. SteakAndAlePie

    Awesome format, I am looking forward to see more of this, especially for M10. Overrun vs. Baneslayer haunts me since I had to make the pick…

    I think opening packs in the vid would be a bad idea since 3 out of 4 picks wouldn’t be that intresting.

    keep the good work up!

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