Waste Not Storm Combo

Waste Not is an awesome card and we can do a lot of awesome things with it, with the most awesome of those being using it as the engine piece to fuel a broken storm combo deck.

I’d seen the idea floating around in the brew-o’-sphere and having now tried it for myself I’m reporting back today in greater detail on this new black/red Modern Storm archetype—this deck can do ridiculous things.

The Cards

On the surface, Waste Not is a value card for a black discard deck. Rip their hand apart and profit!

Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize can snag their best card and draw you a card or make a Zombie. Raven’s Crime can make mana too. That’s great value.

But in conjunction with mass discard spells, this thing can go crazy.

Burning Inquiry for only 1 red mana gives you 3 Waste Not triggers. It’s random, so they may be Zombies, the may be draws, they may be fast mana—but it’s gonna be something.

The draw-3-discard-3 can maybe fix up your hand or screw up their hand, but if it draws 1 more card, makes a zombie, and makes more mana, things start to get nuts.

Imagine multiplayer—that’s 3 Waste Not triggers per opponent—you could be looking at 12+ Waste Not Triggers for 1 red in a bigger game.

At this point Dream Salvage becomes Ancestral Recall for 1 black mana. That’s a nice effect. And of course that’s just the start. Line up 2 preceding Burning Inquiries and you draw 6 cards for 1 mana. It can get even more ridiculous too.

For bigger mass discard effects you have Dark Deal and Reforge the Soul.

Dark Deal, or “Dark Windfall” is a bit unpredictable and doesn’t give you a new grip of 7 cards, so Reforge the Soul is much more impressive although it costs much more mana.

Playing 1 Reforge the Soul may give you some Waste Not Triggers, and if you can use those to set up a second Reforge the Soul you’re looking at 7 Waste Not Triggers right there, leading to 10+ cards drawn from one Dream Salvage—CRAZY.

You’ll want fast red mana to turbo charge your deck. The Waste Not mana engine gives you only black mana, and Simian Spirit Guide is important to create red mana. Manamorphose can turn that back into black.

Pyromancer Ascension is the support engine piece. Waste Not + Pyromancer Ascension gives you some nice redundancy for 2-mana enchantments that set you up to combo off.

Pyromancer Ascension is usually the “better” one and that’s why it’s been so popular, but if we want new experiences it makes sense to head in the Waste Not direction. Besides, Waste Not can be even more powerful in the right kind of deck—and having access to both is great.

Conventional Pyromancer Ascension decks lean on Goblin Electromancer as a second combo outlet, but Electromancer is weak to removal. Waste Not gets around that.

Besides, Locket of Yesterdays can do a good Goblin Electromancer impression without being a lightning rod and without having to dip into blue.

Locket of Yesterdays can shave off more than 1 mana too—the 3rd or 4th Reforge the Souls just start to flow off this.

Rounding out the deck Faithless Looting is a great way to filter through the deck for what you need, early game or late game. Great card.

Infernal Tutor and Beseech the Queen provide some options for searching up the exact card you want when you want it. I choose not to play these myself, but it’s nice to have the option.

Grapeshot is the kill condition of choice as long as we don’t have Tendrils of Agony.

While you do have Waste Not Zombie tokens to kill them with, you don’t know how many creatures the opponent will have in their deck. You do know that if you randomly discard Grapeshot and Past in Flames, you’ll still be able to one-shot them if they don’t gain too much life.

Though the reality is you need to be careful at 20+ storm to avoid running out of cards and decking yourself.

Waste Not Storm


This is the version of Waste Not Storm I’ve been running, with my favorite ideas pulled together into one. The thing is fast and ridiculous and I’m excited to put out a video series with this deck.

It may not be very fun to play against, but Waste Not as such a unique engine piece makes for a fun play experience.

Waste Not Metagaming

There are a few cards out there that can hose this deck, so it’s important to have basic plans to get through them.

Leyline of Sanctity is a card that shuts your Grapeshot kill down and you have to rely on Zombie beats to get there.

You have a few options to get through this: Echoing Truth and Torrent of Souls make 2 different solutions—with Manamorphose, Echoing Truth can open Grapeshot back up, or a Burst of Speed or Torrent of Souls effect could send your Zombies through for the win, if you have enough.

A final alternative is to switch into Young Pyromancers and/or Empty the Warrens and bury them with tokens and discard.

Thalia is another problem card you might face, but you can work through it with Pyromancer Ascension and Waste Not.

To be safe, it’s always nice to keep Bolts ready in the board.

Storage lands are always a good call against counterspells. If they hold mana up you can do nothing and charge your land. Eventually you will have enough mana to work through their counterspells, so they will have to alter their strategy.


Playing with Waste Not Storm

The deck is pretty uninteractive, mostly ignoring the opponent, checking back in to see what triggers Waste Not before finishing with a giant Grapeshot.

As such, this deck works pretty well as a solitaire deck just for the mental exercise—but if you feel the playstyle and have the cards, it could be a cheap competitive choice as well.

Overall the deck produces enjoyable triggered abilities, draws lots of cards, produces lots of mana, and takes one long final turn. Not a brand new script, but doing it with Waste Not is highly enjoyable.

Let me know what you think in the comments, or how you would modify your own version.

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