Unstable Preview Card: The Countdown Is at One

The final countdown is near (and if you don’t have the final countdown running through your head right now, do yourself a favor and listen to it). I guess today’s preview card isn’t exactly the final countdown since you could cast multiple copies per game, but whatever.

Because I know you want to see the card before anything else, here:

Wait, that’s not quite right either.

OK, fine, I’ll show you the real card:

Things I like about this card:

  • Playing a subgame at 1 life is awesome. Taste it fetchlands, get in there Goblin Guide, and better hope you have a Lightning Bolt.
  • Making all of your sources deal double damage is much sweeter than making the opponent lose half their life. Shahrazad is cool, but the actual output isn’t all that interesting.
  • It can backfire. Having this bite you makes it a lot more interesting.

Things I don’t like about this card:

  • The art. That guy does not look like a pleasant opponent.
  • Shahrazad is so much cooler flavor. One Thousand and One Nights is insanely good flavor, even if the game play is 0/10.
  • I can’t use the name to make fun of Shahar Shenhar. This is self-explanatory.

Anyways, here goes my extremely not-helpful and very in-flavor analysis of an Unstable card. This set looks like it’s gonna be full nonsense, as intended, and I see no reason not to follow that in my preview article. Enjoy counting down!


P.S. I will be doing an Unstable set review. Prepare yourselves.


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