Top 5 Things I Want to See at PT Amonkhet

5) Torrential Gearhulk Flashing Back Memory at End of Turn

This is just a sweet play, and both players drawing a new hand of 7 cards is definitely going to lead to an interesting game. You get to make this play at instant speed because Commit // Memory is an instant in the graveyard, and once Gearhulk has targeted it, you can cast either half. Bonus points if an Engulf the Shore was cast beforehand.

4) New Perspectives Going Off in Standard

The New Perspectives combo deck is quite fun, and different from everything else that’s going on right now. I don’t think it would be great if this was the best deck, but it’s not, and seeing it go off on camera would be awesome.

3) Approach of the Second Sun or Sandwurm Convergence Winning a Draft

Both of these cards are sweet win conditions, and I’ve enjoyed drafting them. I think they are also both legit, especially Approach, and I’d love to see somebody draft a sick control deck with either of these as their finisher. It’s not that much of a stretch, and there are a lot of ways to enable them. My favorite is Compelling Argument the turn after Approach, which mills you right into drawing Approach the next turn.

2) Watching the Team Competition

After two Pro Tours, we are going to have a much better picture of where the Team Competition is headed come Pro Tour Hour of Devastation. I’ve loved following the competition, and seeing where everyone lands is going to be quite exciting. The points payout is top-heavy, so spiking a Top 8 is still the best thing your team can do, but after two tournaments worth of battles, we will see who is really in the lead. As an unbiased member of coverage, I just hope everyone is fired up about the competition and cool as ice during the actual matches.

1) Mardu Vehicles Losing

Gideon is great, Heart of Kiran is great, and the rest of the deck is also great. It would be nice if the results weren’t quite so great, and seeing anyone slow this deck down would be a treat. I refuse to believe that Mardu is so much better than everything else that nobody can defeat it, and look forward to people at the Pro Tour doing so (or more likely, dying while trying). If nothing else on this list happens, I hope this one does, because as great as The Fast and the Furious is, I can live without another Pro Tour Top 8 that includes 6 Mardu Vehicles decks.


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