TL;DR: Dominaria Story

Return to Dominaria: Episode 1

The story begins with a Cabal minion bringing a blade that slayed an Elder Dragon to a cabal cleric. When asked whom the blade belonged to, the cleric interrupted the real answer by saying it was Belzenlok who slayed the dragon. There is a chorus of agreement as the disciples chant the many acquired titles of Belzenlok, Lord of Wastes, Slayer of Elder Dragons, Envincar of the Stronghold, Scion of Darkness, Doom of Fools, Master of the Ebon Hand, Eternal Patriarch of the Cabal, and presumably also King of the Andals and the First Men. The blade is given to Belzenlok and he claims the history of the blade as his own.

Elsewhere, Jhoira is aboard a ship at sea on an expedition for the Weatherlight, which they quickly find and excavate with no trouble.

Most of the Gatewatch are on Dominaria because that was their emergency meeting point, except for Jace. Gideon planeswalked there immediately after his defeat at the hands of Bolas in Hour of Devastation, suggesting that the events of Dominaria occur at the same time as Ixalan block. He is badly wounded, but does not want to show weakness to Liliana, Chandra, or Nissa, who are standing nearby.

Nissa accosts Liliana for selfishly leading them to Amonkhet to kill one of the demons that she owes a debt to and then running when Bolas arrived. The Gatewatch also find out that Belzenlok is another demon that Liliana owes a debt to and Nissa chooses to quit and return to her home plane of Zendikar when Gideon suggests that they help Liliana again. Chandra, upset that Nissa has quit and guilty that her weakness on Amonkhet led to their defeat, then suddenly leaves to “become stronger,” although she does emphasize that she will return. The remaining Gatewatchers set off to kill Liliana’s last demon after Liliana heals Gideon’s wounds in her birthplace of Vess in Benalia.

As she’s treating Gideon, Liliana questions some locals about why the town is so dilapidated now compared to when since she last saw it. She finds out that the town has been overrun with the Cabal despite the efforts by the followers of Serra to prevent it. She also learns that her planeswalker origin story is now an urban legend, and she recalls that she used the same herbs that she attempted to treat her brother with on Gideon. When she is looking for the herbs she realizes that she is near her old manor, and is surprised to see that it is still standing and even more surprised that it is well kept, except for the mysterious ritualistic candles and massive bloodstains inside.

As she returns to the town, it is again under siege by an undead battalion of the Cabal forces. The townspeople are putting up a weak effort, despite the injured Gideon in their ranks, but Liliana is able to easily break the connection to the undead. As she destroys the remaining Cabal forces, Liliana is devastated to find out that the Lich behind the attack is her brother, Josu. Belzenlok had performed a ritual in her manor and raised Josu to mock Liliana when she returned. For Liliana, this revelation adds anger and revenge to the list of reasons for wanting Belzenlok dead.

Return to Dominaria: Episode 2

Liliana searches for the Raven Man, an unknown apparition that has haunted her since before she was a planeswalker, and eventually she finds him. She accuses him of giving information to Belzenlok. He is cryptic in his responses and she asks him why he manipulated her into turning Josu into an undead. He disappears without an answer as she asks him why he seemingly wanted her to become a planeswalker.

Liliana recruits Gideon to lure her brother back to the Vess manor and explains to him that ending Belzenlok’s hold on Josu will require the Chain Veil and leave her too weak to defeat Belzenlok, Accepting of this setback, Gideon then rallies the townspeople and the angels to their cause.


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