Time Warp is Banned in Historic

Not three days after Sam Pardee’s victory with Jeskai Turns at the Strixhaven Championship and integral part of the deck has been banned in Historic. Effective June 10, Time Warp will be banned in Historic. Players with copies of Time Warp on their Arena account will be awarded the same number of Wildcards.

In the article, Wizards of the Coast explained the decision. Jeskai Turns was one of the best performing decks at the Strixhaven Championship and, according to their data, had very few bad matchups. Other decks bolstered by the Mystical Archive – Izzet Phoenix and Jeskai Control – were powerful but did not match the raw strength of Jeskai Turns. The win rate of the deck and its lack of bad match ups contributed to the decision to act quickly. All three decks run Brainstorm, another card that had been considered for a ban. At this time, Wizards of the Coast believes that removing Time Warp and leaving Brainstorm will do enough to keep Historic healthy.

This is the second Historic ban in the last four weeks. On May 19, after a strong showing at a League Weekend, Thassa’s Oracle was banned to help prevent Tainted Pact combo from dominating the format. Unlike the Thassa’s Oracle ban, there is no backup plan for Jeskai Turns. A key component of the deck is Velomachus Lorehold‘s ability to find and cast Time Warp and the other clean extra turn card in Historic, Alrund’s Epiphany, is too expensive to find with the Elder Dragon.

All of this does not come without questions. Historic introduced the Suspended List to Magic – a place where cards could go on a trial ban before being banned outright. While it technically still exists, it has not been used as of late. The ban of Time Warp also renders several other cards in the deck unlikely to see play in Historic. As a result players who exchanged Wildcards for the cards in the deck will only get a redo for Time Warp and not the several other Mythics in the deck. Historic remains a dynamic format in part because powerful new cards are entering in regularly but for some players it is getting hard to keep up with the ever-changing face of the format.

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