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Things That are Not Islands

An unknown hero on Imgur has observed a strange quirk of the art on Islands in MTG…

I Need a Hero

Pauper was a nearly tier 1 deck in Standard, and most of the key cards are available in a format that’s all commons! Alex Ullman covers the deck over at Gathering Magic.

Here’s How You Actually Buy Cards In ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’

Lauren Orsini at Forbes explains how to acquire cards in the upcoming MTG Arena.

Much Abrew: U/G Merfolk (Standard)

Plenty of our own players have been busy trying to find the best U/G Merfolk build, but if you’d be remiss if you didn’t check in with the most prolific brewer of them all.

The Bane of the Cleanup Step

Discarding cards sucks, but it doesn’t feel like it should come up all that often, right? Well, cards that prevent it are often more expensive than you might expensive. DJ Johnson investigates the phenomenon.


On Match Win Percentages and the State of Post-Ban Ramunap—er, Mono-Red

It looks like playing a single color may longer be the key to constructing the best aggro deck in Standard.

Jund – Modern | Channel Reid

The master of G/B/x midrange has a unique take on trusty old favorite Jund featuring some spicy new inclusions like Hazoret and Rabblemaster!

Vampires with Rivals of Ixalan

PV’s evaluating what each tribe gained from Rivals of Ixalan, and how they might fare in the new format. Vampires looks close…

Swimming in the New Standard Sea

How good is Kumena? Turns out, VERY good.

Vintage Cube Draft | Channel Joel

Joel tries his hand at cracking some Power in a Cube Draft on Magic Online!

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