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Card Image Gallery: Rivals of Ixalan

Make sure you know every card in the format with the complete Rivals spoiler.

January 15, 2018 Banned and Restricted Announcement

That there were Standard bannings was no surprise, but no one expected four cards to get the ax. Ian Duke pens an eloquent justification for the removal of Attune with Aether, Rogue Refiner, Ramunap Ruins, and Rampaging Ferocidon from the format.

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Ali’s Top Ten

One of the most prolific brewers in the game, when Ali Antrazi has his sights set on some cards you know the results are going to be anything but conventional. He counts down the top 10 Rivals cards he’s excited to start deck building with.

Thoughts on the MTG Banned and Restricted Announcement – Mainly ‘Wut?’

It’s been a rough go of things in Standard ever since Kaladesh was printed. Kerry Meyerhoff at Manaleak asks what’s gone so wrong, and what the most recent round of bannings means for the format.

First Look at How You Buy Cards in Magic: The Gathering Arena

Paper Magic and even MTGO can be pricey, so the economy of Wizards’ upcoming Arena was one of the most intriguing as-yet unanswered questions about the game. Jake Vyper at Epic Stream looks at how cards can be purchased and upgraded.

Brewing With Rivals of Ixalan

Filipe Rodrigues at Pure MTGO looks at some of the new options from Rivals.

Standard’s Huge Bans and Where the Format Goes Next

The bans mark a radical change for Standard, and who better than a World Champion to tell you where everything stands once the dust settles?


LSV Streams a Holiday Cube Draft

Jump onto twitch.tv/lsv with Luis as he guides you through a Powered Cube Draft on Magic Online!

Temur Delver – Modern | Channel Joel

RUG Delver isn’t just for Legacy anymore!

Merfolk in Rivals of Ixalan

Merfolk came out of Ixalan quite a few cards short of a competitive list. Did Rivals bring enough new tools? PV thinks it just might have.

The Biggest Winners After the Standard Banning

A once stale metagame is now completely wide open. Which decks stand to capture the most metagame share in the aftermath?

Thoughtseizes and Fatal Pushes Part VI: W/B Eldrazi

Reid wraps up his guide to black midrange with a crowd favorite fringe choice, W/B Eldrazi!

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