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Ringing in 2018 with Zeal

Pauper Mono-Black gets another value creature from Rivals of Ixalan in a card that harkens back to archetype staple Phyrexian Rager. Alex Ullman at Gathering Magic takes a look at the possibilities for Dusk Legion Zealot.

Rivals of Ixalan Magic: The Gathering Mechanics Revealed

Jake Vyper at Epic Stream offers a quick analysis of ascend, one of the new mechanics from Rivals of Ixalan.

The 12 Funniest Cards In The Magic: The Gathering Unstable Set

If you rank ’em we’ll share ’em. I’m not sure it’s a hard rule, or even a good one, but you can’t go wrong with utter subjectivity on this site. Lauren Orsini at Forbes looks at the funniest cards in Unstable.

Drafting Splinter Twin in Cube

LSV covered the blue archetypes in Vintage Cube here, and if you’re looking for a deep dive on one of them, Justin Robb at MTGMintCard has U/R Splinter Twin covered.

Sorry We… Put Brainwash Online Instead of These Cards (Part 1)

The terrible cards make Magic just as special as the great ones do. Caliban at MTGGoldfish reviews a few of the worst cards that haven’t yet been rendered in full digital glory.


Grand Prix Attendance Predictions: What Kind of Events Draw the Biggest Crowds?

How large will your next Grand Prix be? Frank (attempts to) run the numbers.

The Beginner’s Guide to Legacy

PV offers 7 critical tips for first time Legacy players heading to Grand Prix Santa Clara!

Mastering Cube Draft, Part 1

Cube can be a daunting format, but master of the format LSV is here to guide you through the fundamentals.

Channel Mengucci – Legacy Maverick

Join Andrea Mengucci for another Legacy video as he pilots the original green-white rogue brew, Maverick!

Top 8 Moments in Magic from 2017

Magic TV: LSV, Mashi, and TBS relive the 8 best moments in Magic last year!

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