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A Commitment to Each Other: Building a Community Together

Chris Cooks, President of Wizards, rolls out the new Magic: The Gathering Code of Conduct—a tool to help keep play spaces a fun and welcoming environment for everyone.


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My Magic Resolutions

You can’t improve as a player unless you stop to reflect on where you can improve. The new year represents a chance for a fresh start. Rudy Briksza at Gathering Magic reevaluates his goals in Magic, starting with the big one: Top 8’ing a major event.

Magic’s Top 24 Players and Me (Part 1)

It’s good to be the king. #1 ranked player in the world Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer takes a look at the rest of the Top 25—and the decks they’ve been piloting lately.

Why We Play

Find Your Battlefield has a 2-minute video of players explaining why they play.

Recognizing Modern Decks by Turn-1 Lands

Modern can be an intimidating place, but Saffron Olive at MTGGoldfish is here to help you see through the fog of war. Know what to expect from the moment your opponent plays their first land!

Meet the Pros: Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa

Well here’s a player we can certainly appreciate! Andreas Petersen interviews PVDDR about his Magic career.


What Are the Safest Cards to Unban in Modern?

Andrea wonders if it is time for some of these Modern cards to come off the ban list.

The Mental Game of Team Magic

Building a successful team starts by fostering a dynamic that lends itself to success.

U/W Cycling

If you’re playing control in Standard, Drake Haven is just a better win condition than Approach. PV shows you why.

Channel Mengucci – Legacy Enchantress

Hide behind a wall of enchantments in a deck that only Legacy could produce!

4 Lessons from Grand Prix Singapore and New Jersey

Last weekend was a send-off for triple-Ixalan. What lessons can we take away before we move on to Rivals?

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