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Fog of War

In a world of commons, it turns out that winning outside of combat is exceedingly uncommon (see what I did there?). If that’s the case, Turbo Fog could be perfectly viable. Alex Ullman at Gathering Magic looks at a list that shuts down attackers and kills with Jace’s Erasure.

7 Pillars of Modern, 3 Decks, 1 Puzzle

Here’s a fun challenge: What is the most important card in each color (plus multicolored and artifact) in Modern? Lee Shi Tian tackles the question over at MTG Mint Card.

10 Magic: the Gathering Un-Cards to Put in Your Commander Decks!

You can officially play silver-bordered cards in Commander until January 15th. Paul Palmer at ManaLeak shows you the 10 cards you should consider enjoying while they last!

Taking Tron to the Top 4

Big mana was the big story in Oklahoma City, and Seth Manfield rode the wave all the way to the Top 4.

What Makes a Card Bannable in Standard?

When we first looked at Reflector Mage, we all had the same thought, right? This is getting banned. Maybe not so much. The Standard ban list has been a bit of an enigma in recent history, but Saffron Olive attempts to decode it over at MTGGoldfish.


Unstable Magic Math: Green and Multicolor

Could a high enough X value for Ol’ Buzzbark cause a global extinction-level event? Frank runs the numbers.

When the Grind Grinds You Down

Take a step back.

The Top 8 Cards in Modern

Talking to Ben Stark about Magic is always a treat, and I got a chance to pick his brain about the best cards in Modern before GP OKC.

Get (Slippery) Bogled!

The bogeyman of Modern combines a frustratingly simple game plan with a surprisingly high win rate.

Channel Reid – Modern Jund Death’s Shadow

Reid drops the blue for green to get a little assistance from Traverse the Ulvenwald and Modern’s first oversized green beater.

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