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GP Toronto

With all eyes on GW Tokens, Esper Control came out of nowhere to conquer GP Toronto in the hands of Robert Lombardi over a diverse Top 8.

5 Articles from Around the Web

Enter the Battlefield

Nate Holt and Shawn Kornhauser’s documentary about the life of a Pro Player is now on Netflix, and extensively features ChannelFireball’s own Owen Turtenwald and Reid Duke!

Garfield Alters

At Old School MTG, the most comprehensive dedicated Old School Magic site, author Mg discusses one of Magic’s true oddities—cards that have been errata’d by Richard Garfield.

Magic is a Team Sport

Mark Nestico reveals an important truth about testing for competitive Magic—you don’t need to be a pro player to have a playtesting team. He offers a few guidelines to structure your team building and turn your new partnerships into continued success.

Brain in a Jar

SaffronOlive isn’t the only one that can have some fun: Melissa DeTora gets brewing with Brain in a Jar, one of the most powerful underused cards in Standard, featuring hits like Brutal Expulsion and Crush of Tentacles.

My Pro Tour

Raphael Levy always cooks up something spicy for any event he plays, and for Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad his testing led him to Abzan Company. He breaks down the deck and its future in the current format.

5 Articles from ChannelFireball

RW Aggro Draft Guide

Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad runner-up Andrea Mengucci reveals the Draft strategy his team developed that helped carry him to the finals.

Paul Cheon’s #PTOSOI Vlog

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a pro player? How it might feel to test alongside LSV and Wrapter? Get a look into TeamCFB’s testing with Paul Cheon’s chlog.

Rejected Brews from #PTSOI Testing: Jund, BUG Delirium, and RG Rites

Every PT testing team develops a pile of decks that don’t quite work out for one reason or another. But for these 3 decks, PV felt there was real potential—and maybe with the right piece or a clever solution could reach tier 1.

Everything’s Going Rite: Top 8 at Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad

When it rains it pours—LSV turned a PT drought around with back-to-back PT Top 8s. He shares some thoughts, stories, puns, and a sideboard guide for GB Sacrifice.

Esper Planeswalkers Deck Guide

Esper Dragons is experiencing a resurgence but Esper Planeswalkers was a unique take on control that gives you a critical, creatureless angle.

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