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Modern Prices, Masters Sets, and Reprint Equity

The price of Modern is falling, so it looks like Wizards’ strategy to keep the format accessible through supplemental products is a success. Saffron Olive at MTGGoldfish takes a close look at the price of the format across the most popular decks.

The PT and Me

One of the game’s greatest ambassadors, Raphael Levy, looks back at his last 20 years of professional Magic across 95 Pro Tours.

Florida Player Submits Magic: The Gathering Deck List On A Cake

The title really speaks for itself here.

Pummeling in Standard

Temur Energy has started to wear on all of us. Patrick Dickmann at MTGMintCard covers another way to play Longtusk Cub and 56 other cards.

Fungal Bloom at the Horrible Horse Gathering

Mg Kl at Old School MTG has a tournament report from a unique local event.


New Modern Brews from the RPTQs

Andrea’s focus turns to Modern, and Italy’s RPTQs served up some spicy new lists to try out.

Red Deck Redemption

Through a little creative tuning, Ben Stark took an innovative take on Red all the way to the finals at Grand Prix Atlanta.

The Top 8 C-c-combo Breakers in EDH

Don’t end up a victim to your opponents’ combos with the help of Rachel’s list of the best way to ruin a degenerate’s day!

Top 8 Creatures in Magic that Just. Won’t. Die.

Mashi and Frank count down the 8 most frustrating creatures to kill.

4 Lessons from Grand Prix Portland

Portland featured a few familiar faces and some big moments as Shahar Shenhar vaulted back to the center stage of Magic.

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