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Wizards Of The Coast To Begin Stress Testing ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ Today

Arena seems to be coming along quickly. Lauren Orsini at Forbes covers the next phase in its development as we draw closer to a release date.

Standard Deck Selection

As Siggy will tell you, nothing in Magic matters more than the deck you show up with. Andrew Jessup at Gathering Magic shows you how to navigate that dilemma in this particularly tricky Standard format that features a consensus best strategy but a number of strong alternatives.

Pro Tour Ixalan: By the Numbers

One of the best post-PT articles on the internet. Saffron Olive at MTGGoldfish breaks down the numbers from PT Ixalan.

Surviving Grand Prix Day 2s

Grand Prix Day 2s have some important distinctions from Day 1s. Taufik Indrakesuma at MTG Mint Card looks at why you might be having more trouble in a metagame that’s meaningfully different than the one you conquered to get there.

Winning Pro Tour Ixalan

Get the report from the Champion of Pro Tour Ixalan himself, Seth Manfield.


Getting Red-y for Pro Tour Ixalan

With Standard established, Frank didn’t dive too deep into testing. Still, he came away with a few lessons and a solid sideboard for Red.

Top 8 Sleepers in Ixalan Standard

Mashi, Frank, and TBS count down the 8 best cards that haven’t seen the spotlight in Standard… yet.

Draw-Perfect Temur

For Pro Tour Ixalan, #TeamCFB didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. They just took what works and rolled with it.

Call a Judge

You owe it to the game.

What’s the Pick? Ixalan Pack 1 Pick 1 with Huey

Huey wraps up this set’s pack 1 pick 1 with 5 more packs of Ixalan!

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