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Seth Manfield Wins Pro Tour Ixalan

Seth Manfield defeated our own Pascal Maynard in a nail-biter of a finals at Pro Tour Ixalan. Seth deftly maneuvered his Sultai Energy deck through a daunting Top 8 before dispatching Pascal’s U/W God-Pharaoh’s Gift in 5 games. Despite concerns that Temur Energy would dominate a less powerful field, the Top 8 featured a diversity of archetypes and strategies. Here’s hoping that augurs well for the future of the format.

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How to Spot a Fake $1,000 Magic: The Gathering Card

Here at ChannelFireball, I almost take the ability to spot fake cards for granted. Our buyers and graders have handled so many thousands of cards that they can spot a minute difference just by feel. But what about the rest of us? How can you protect yourself from an unscrupulous—or unaware—trading partner who’s peddling counterfeits? Matthew Gault at Vice’s Motherboard walks you through many of the most common giveaways.

Two and a Half Ixalan Cards You Should be Playing

Demystify, Thaumatic Compass, and Djeru, With Eyes Open haven’t exactly been tearing up tournaments. But Michael Flores at Gathering Magic thinks these under-the-radar Ixalan cards are uniquely situated to exploit openings in the metagame.

Understanding the Modern Banned List

SaffronOlive runs down the Modern ban list at MTGGoldfish with an in-depth explanation of how each card earned its place on the list.

Are Women Less Competitive than Men? — Women In Magic: The Gathering Part 2

MTG – The Worst Magic: The Gathering Cards Ever Printed – Episode 13!

There have been some really bad cards printed in Magic…



Keep or Mulligan?

Gabriel Nassif brings you 5 close mulligan decisions. How would you handle these tough openers?

What’s the Play?

Think you can find the same line as a Hall-of-Famer? Vote your choice and find out!

Scrub Club – Episode 1: The Interview

The guys start to get a team together for Grand Prix Lyon, but finding a third member proves a little harder than they anticipated.

4 Lessons from Grand Prix Hong Kong, Liverpool, and Phoenix

Riley takes a look at the triple-GP weekend that sets the stage for Pro Tour Ixalan!

Channel Reid – Ixalan Draft

Dive into another Ixalan Draft with Reid Duke!

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