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Magic: The Gathering Gets a Brand New Logo

They changed the title to this after publication but I’m preserving the superior, punny headline here. Magic’s got a new logo, and at least to my eye it’s the most radical redesign since the original in 1993. Brian Ashcraft at Kotaku gives a quick overview of the history. How do you like Magic’s new look?

Articles of the Week

Vintage 101: Spy VS Spyglass

It isn’t very often that a new card can break into Magic’s most powerful format, but Sorcerous Spyglass and Ramunap Excavator have both made appearances. Islandswamp at MTGGoldfish shows you where this new Ixalan and Hour of Devastation fits in the metagame.

Exploring Ixalan Limited

The jury is still out on Ixalan, but it would be hard to live up to Amonkhet-Hour of Devastation, widely considered one of the richest Draft formats of all time. Justin Robb at MTG Mint Card takes a close look at Ixalan Limited, and offers his take on what works, and what doesn’t.

Worlds – Top 23

Hey, it’s not last! Lucas Berthoud recaps his experience at Worlds.

Testing for the World Championship

What’s it like to play Worlds when you’ve won it? Get an inside look at the tournament from a World Champion, as Seth Manfield at TCGplayer talks about his preparation for Magic’s most difficult tournament.

6 Tips to Help You Get More From Your MTG Team, and Team Testing

We spend a lot of time talking about deck selection, card choices, gameplay, and new technology. But we don’t spend much time on mastering those concepts as a collective rather than  as an individual. Graeme Mclntyre at ManaLeak shows you how to make your team more effective in these aspects by avoiding groupthink, having a common goal, getting organized, and more.


Mono-Red at Worlds

For Worlds, PV chose the deck that brought him a trophy at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation. He shows you how to master the new build.

Analyzing Osyp’s Epic Bluff

At Grand Prix Providence, Osyp bluffed the best player in the world… and didn’t keep quiet about it, either.

Channel Corey – Standard U/B Control

See Corey pilot Standard’s best new control deck with Search for Azcanta and The Scarab God!

4 Lessons from the Magic: The Gathering World Championship

The best in the world gathered for one momentous event—and there’s plenty to learn from their preparation.

An Introduction to cEDH: Part 1

When it comes to cEDH, leave emotions out of it.

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