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William Jensen Is Your Magic: The Gathering World Champion

The PGO wouldn’t be denied this time, as William Jensen and his Temur Energy deck  took down Javier Dominguez’s Ramunap Red to claim the title of World Champion. Congratulations Huey!

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60-Card Shootout: Standard Sultai Standard

Watch the new Sultai Energy deck in action as Ben Friedman at Gathering Magic walks you through a League on Magic Online with the deck.

Lessons From Pious Interdiction

What does Pious Interdiction have to teach us about card evaluation? Two titans of deck design and Magic theory take a close look at cost vs. effect: Mike Flores and Patrick Chapinon Top Level podcast.

Exploring New Decks in Ixalan Standard

Many of the best decks in Standard right now are ports from last season, but a few innovative builds have cracked the early results. Zen Takahashi at MTG Mint Card looks at Dinosaurs, U/G Energy, and Abzan Tokens.

Vampire Pirates Abound in This Gorgeous New Magic: The Gathering Art

There was a little consternation about whether Ixalan‘s flavor felt like the output variable of a “thing-nerds-like machine” but as is often the case with Magic, the strength of the game’s world building put those concerns to rest, thanks in large part to the incredibly talented artists WotC continues to find. James Whitbrook at Gizmodo recognized that strength and provides an in-depth look at some of the best pieces.

Unlocked Protrader: Hour of Devastation Pickups

I admire the bravery of MTG finance writers. If a strategy writer is wrong about a card they just cut it from their deck. These guys have to put their money where their mouth is and for higher stakes. Cliff Daigle at MTG Price writes about which Hour of Devastation card to pick up while they’re still cheap..


Hit or Myth: Ixalan Edition

Magic TV: Mashi, TBS, and Frank sit down to play Hit or Myth!

Ixalan Merfolk and Opt in Modern

Blue received an immediate staple from Ixalan, and a stable of Merfolk. Pascal breaks it down.

Is Hearthstone Really “More Random” than Magic?

Digital games get a bad rap for their RNG-based cards. But Magic has its own frustrations to manage.

Popeye Stompy

Bob unveils arrrrrguably the hottest new deck in Legacy.

Channel Reid – Vintage Storm

How much does the unbanning of Yawgmoth’s Bargain affect Legacy? Reid sets out to find out.

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